File Size: Kb Number of Views: After downloading, the file may take a moment to open in the browser. Fender – Bassman 5f6a -Schematic Thumbnail. The Bassman 5F6-A preamp contains two voltage amplifiers, one for the bright inputs and one for the Fender Bassman 5F6-A schematic of first two stages. 5F6A Amp Kit Item Code: 5f6a_c_kt We provide a layout and a schematic (on the Technical Details tab), but we do not include step by step assembly.

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The unmodified channel gets a new 1. While I was browsing for a Bassman guitar amplifier, Aspen Pitman was signing books that he had written, of which one of them had all types of schematics in them. I use RG when I need shielded coax in an amp. The mod is exactly the same in the 5F6A.

Lowering tail resistance also alters 5f6 LTP phase inverter balance.

There is an overdrive tonal difference between all three switch positions. The Preamp Gain and Output Impedance calculator shows that the unloaded gain and output impedance are The resistor reduces the gain jump when the switch is opened. This is a universal circuit that can be used on pretty much any amp with a bridge rectifier. I had a k 2 watt on hand so I used that. My circuit increases the value of the two filter caps to 56fa hum and increases the value of the pot to increase scuematic bias range to work with more amps and tube types.


The Fender Bassman 5F6-A. I couldn’t believe the price that they wanted, so I set out to build one myself. Most of the mods below are on a switch so you can deactivate the mod. If you still want to build one of our kits, but are a little uncertain, please enlist the aid of a qualified tech.

True pentode tubes offer up more screen current when overdriven so they typically generate more power tube distortion. Modified components shown in pink.

List of Mods

Install the Zeners with their stripe cathode toward schemafic rectifier, the other end anode toward the first filter cap. You can plug your guitar into any jack and you will get a Hi jack-to-Hi jack jumper. Put two wraps each around the turret for support leave the wire insulation on for the wraps and solder each resistor to a wire end. Some Marshall amps have one channel biased hot schfmatic an ohm cathode resistor and the other biased cool with a 2.

Notes on the tweed Bassman schematic.

The unmodified channel needs a 1. Notice how convoluted the signal flow is compared to the schematic above. Pull the Normal volume knob up and the two Hi jacks are jumpered together for a fatter tone.

Failure to comply may result in legal action by the owner of the logo or trademarked name. EL34’s also need less input signal for maximum output so they tend to shift the balance of preamp to power amp distortion toward the power amp.


The Normal Volume control will function as a first stage “gain” control and the Bright Volume will function as the second stage volume. If you have not cshematic trained to work with high voltage then have an amp technician service your amp.

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He opened it up, removed it, and then let me do my thing. Because of the light load, the loaded gain is the same: I was surprised to see the power tubes are hotter than the rectifier tube. KT88’s like more plate voltage than the and 6L6 so plugging in a solid state rectifier into the rectifier tube socket will raise the plate voltage by about 10 to 20 volts and put the big tubes closer to their sweet spot.

Then ground the other end of the 27k resistor at any convenient ground. If you install the Line Out jack near the speaker jack you can use the 22K resistor itself to make the connection from the speaker jack tip terminal to the Line Out tip terminal.

See the Marshall JCM schematic for a schematic view of this circuit.