In an easy and charming manner, Sonal Kalra helps us tackle everyday irritants and tension in life-be it the daily stresses relating to work and colleagues, traffic. A Calmer You: Witty Tips to Beat Everyday Stress [Sonal Kalra] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In an easy and charming manner, Sonal. More of a Calmer You [Sonal Kalra] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Carved out of the daily dawdle, Sonal Kalra offers amazingly effective.

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Democracy hai, after all. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? This form of vigilante made me wonder if such an idea of shaming a litter-bug would ever work in India.

Sonal Kalra | A Calmer You Column | Witty Calmness Tips to Deal With Daily Stress.

I always kept my promise but last week when a boy commented on my FB post, I replied back with a smiley, and exchanged two comments with him. They are all supposed to be of one type.

Realisation works way better with this generation than competition, they just seem to thrive on the latter. This is just to tell you a simple fact. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Chat group ke har stupid forwarded joke pe nakli ka Caljer karna padega…uff. Follow on Twitter sonalkalra. You are quite weird.

This kind of a partner will ruin your life. Right from schools to college canteens to Facebook to Whatsapp, people seemed to be motivating each other about cleaning up our country.


And that, is never good in life. As long as the two people share a certain common value system that they imbibed while growing up.

English Choose a language for shopping. Hou 13, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? Sonal Kalra Hindustan Times. I have several problems with Mukundan. Nov 03, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline?

A Calmer You, By Sonal Kalra: Does your child speak rudely to you?

And then if the logical thing is to move away, so be it. Trust me, there are plenty of them, for all kinds of results. Oh, how we love celebrity weddings!

The whole family was united in tension. Their mannerism is coming from the way they see their western counterparts react to their parents.

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Know someone with an irritating habit? | columns | Hindustan Times

You vy deserve to give boards every year. One evening, I sat and made a pointer list of all conversations I had had that day. Let me see a doctor today. Anyway, coming back to resolutions, I have decided to risk being uncool and make one this year.

Because she saw such hardships in life, but never cared for her own happiness. Let me suggest an alternate, polite conversation starter to you.

Some of them may boast of an aggregate percentage etc, in which case you have my sympathies. Only then someone else will. If you give it to your child, you are leading by example, and making calmre clear that nothing less is acceptable in your home. Do gargles and inhale steam. That is not a matter of doubt at all. A relationship in which only one person is always seen apologising is the most doomed of all to not be happy.


Coming back to the point, here are four annoying kinds of people that irritate the hell out of those around them. Under pressure to get yuo If chewing paan or tobacco is that very important to your happiness, keep doing it but wait a minute longer to spot a trash bin and then spit out. There must be something that the parents do — or have been doing for generations together, which makes the youngsters rebel in defiance or withdraw in a shell.

But anyway, roads are full of drunk drivers He: Sonal Kalra can never aspire to become a brand cakmer for technology. Sonxl will look after myself with love, and prioritise myself over unworthy people, without ,alra on a guilt trip.

Maybe this was a unique test by God to see if I can hold forth my concentration while the furniture around me gets a mini epileptic seizure.