manual. If you do not properly set the motherboard settings, causing the motherboard to malfunction or .. Appendix G. ABIT EQ (The Hardware Doctor Utility). Compatible Processors. Athlon, Duron, Athlon XP. Processor Socket. Socket A. Max Bus Speed. MHz. Max Processors Qty. 1. Manufacturer. ABIT Computer . View full ABIT NF7 Mainboard specs on CNET. ABIT NF7-S2G – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra Part Number: NF7-S2G. 1 Related Model.

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Page 86 Page 87 – Appendix H. This motherboard does not support 3.

ABIT NF7-S2 Manuals

Optimal Aggressive Turbo Expert. Select [Disabled] if you want to add a different hard drive controller. This option enables or disables the audio controller. This item selects abit nf7 motherboard manual system action after an AC power failure.

C is a multi-master bus, which means that multiple chips can be connected to the same bus and each one can act as a master by motherbard a data transfer.

This item allows you to use the boot ROM instead of a disk drive to boot-up the system and access the local area network directly. The default CMOS Abit nf7 motherboard manual memory timing settings are too fast for the memory most people would purchase for this motherboard.

The system will automatically detect the settings. Install CPU and Heatsink Internal Audio Connectors Hardware Mootherboard Pin shorted default: When set to Enabled, any event affecting from Modem Ring will awaken a system that has powered down.


Advanced Bios Features Chapter 3 The default setting is 3. For the striped RAID set, disk and which one is the destination disk. Choose [Yes, I want to restart my computer now. Page 53 RxD ,otherboard TxD. Integrated Peripherals Chapter 3 These fan connectors are not abit nf7 motherboard manual.

Check you memory specifications and motheeboard them accordingly. These unchangeable items list the current status of the CPU and environment temperatures, fan speeds, and system power voltage. It should execute the installation program automatically.

This item displays the CPU model name, abit nf7 motherboard manual example: Page 48 This option specifies the amount of system memory that can be mnaual by the AGP device. The Row-active delay setting is a higher number than that specified for the memory we used and that of many other memory modules, but should result a faster system than the specified value.

When set to Enabled, you can set the date and time at which the RTC real-time clock alarm awakens the system from Suspend mode. This material or parts thereof may not be copied, published, put on the Internet, rewritten, or redistributed without explicit, written permission from the author.

Fifteen options are available: Page 11 – Chapter 2. Page 42 [No Errors]: This option abit nf7 motherboard manual the amount of system memory that can be used by the AGP device.


Table Of Contents Introduction Failing to do so may cause your system to work abnormally or malfunction. We are trying to expand and make the FAQs more helpful and abit nf7 motherboard manual rich. Page 88 Page 89 – Appendix I. When the aabit boots, it will first initialize PCI. The Nvidia driver setup has an option for installing the Windows driver.


For greater stability, both should be set to the slower of the two, processor FSB and memory. A larger value will give more delay time to the device for which to initialize and to prepare for activation. Hardware Setup abit nf7 motherboard manual Always observe anti-static precautions when kotherboard it.

This motherboard provides two power connectors to connect to an ATX12V power supply. Page 70 Page 71 – Appendix B.

ABIT NF7-S2G Manuals

Failing to do so may cause the motherboard components or add-on cards to malfunction or damaged. A wrong orientation will only cause the LED not lighting, but a wrong connection of the switches could cause system malfunction. Softmenu Setup Chapter 3 abit nf7 motherboard manual This option enables or disables the IEEE controller.