The ABIT Computer TH7-RAID is a Motherboard designed for use with PC systems, which support ATX form factor. Built around the Intel chipset, it efficiently. Apr 16, Chipset. Model, Intel Northbridge, Southbridge, ICH2. Bus type, QDR , MHz, 64 bit. Bus bandwith, MB/s. RAM type (1). Apr 3, I have been extremely impressed with the Abit TH7-II throughout testing, it has not failed once, and stability has been excellent. Despite.

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Subscribe to our Newsletter. This can be overcome with a modified bios that allows up to 1. Another interesting feature we found on the TH7 are the two buttons beside the diagnostic display.

It has a very good feature set, and if required, can be purchased with the Highpoint onboard raid controller. Even a quick glance reveals something a little unusual in the bottom left corner of the board.

There is also a retaining clip for the AGP card, so any Rh7 gamers will not find it coming loose when they are moving their boxes around. ABIT Computer Corporation are known for making some of the best, most overclockable, highest quality and fastest motherboards we have ever seen this side of Mars.

I used the following components for testing, the cpu being one I have found that will overclock extremely well at low voltages, so is ideal for pushing this board to its limits.

Abit TH7-RAID Motherboard Overview – CNET

Abit has always been the overclocker’s choice, as they implement numerous features that other manufacturers do not, such as the very easy to use SoftMenu III system. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website.

Firstly, Abut Sam, running the Karnack demo. This time, running at x, 32 bit colour with textures and quality on full. During the boot up process the two digit display with show two hexadecimal numbers, corresponding to the initialization steps the xbit is making.


Click to find out more. Now for some games testing, as not everyone uses Seti and Pi, they want to know if it will help with games performance. I ran the test five times at each speed, and each time the difference ranged between points. This feature is especially useful when you are overclocking your system, so you can pinpoint the bottleneck of your system for the best overclocking result. Abit has a couple of extra goodies down there that I’ll explain in a minute.

Read on and find out the answer! During our overclocking tests we were able to push the board to run at MHz without compromising stability, tied for the best result among the boards here, again with the ASUS P4T.

September by Mike Andrawes on September 12, The micro strips to aid stability, and the clear space around the socket. Board Features The TH7-II is a well specified board, and comes supplied with everything you could need to get it up and running. abkt

Abit were one of the first motherboard manufacturers to make an i board available, the TH7. The four memory slots are positioned well away from the AGP port, so that when you have memory installed, the retaining clips do not foul on the back of the AGP card, another thoughtful piece of design.

ABIT TH7 – Intel Motherboard Roundup: September

Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! For example, ABIT have used a different and better, I feel, retention mechanism to lock the heatsink down on the Intel Pentium 4 processor in the Socket compared to the Intel reference design – And that’s really just tj7 beginning.

It may lack things like USB2, 6 channel audio, etc, but abbit more than makes up for it in the stability and performance. Next I decided to try Quake 3, but this time using a higher resolution to see if the increased bandwidth still had an effect. Rdram is extremely fast, even when running at stock speeds, as you can see. This utilised a socket and was used with the original PIV, the Willamette. When calculating 32 million decimal places of PI, with the CPU at and memory atit was just over 2 minutes faster, showing that the increased memory bandwidth does help in real world use.


No Interruptions Day Shortbread. The TH7 again offers a wide range of overclocking features.

Abit’s TH7II-RAID motherboard

Log in Don’t have an account? Motherboards Previous page Next page. Something else that will appeal to overclockers, is the addition of micro strips on the back of the motherboard, underneath the mosfets and capacitors which are used for the supply of current to the CPU. The TH7 was the first board that arrived in our labs with a new design, where both metal brackets are actually lever shaped, allowing you to lock the HSF in place just like installing a CPU.

This shows that at the higher resolution the graphics card is still the bottleneck. You can find products similar to this one for sale below. Running at x in 32 bit colour, with detail set to high, the increased bandwidth translates into an extra 5 fps.

Does this motherboard deserve to carry the ABIT name? Three-high USB ports and a vertical audio port configuration.