The Etheric Double was first published in as one of a series by the same author However, their gratitude is due to Powell for his orderly presentation of. Etheric Double has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined inform. As said himself in his introduction, . It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary together as to their Arthur

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The arousing of the corresponding astral centre rounds off and doubel the astral life, endowing a man with the perfection of his faculties. In these few seconds the Ego lives over again his whole life, seeing his successes and failures, loves and hatreds: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. There are also limits, though wide ones, within which a fairy can alter his size.

Arthir, derived from the Greek hypnosmeaning sleep, stands literally for the art of putting to sleep. We have previously seen that the power of feeling depends on the transmission of contacts to the astral centres, through the matter of the Etheric Double. Thus The Voice of The Silence teaches that a vivification in this manner of the eyebrows centre enables one to hear the voice of the Master, that is, of the Ego or Higher Self.

Each of these centres then has the power of evoking from the particles of the astral body the ability to respond to a certain set of vibrations, corresponding to what in the physical world we call vibrations of light, sound, heat, and so forth. The Outer Aura commences from the outer edge of the Inner Aura and, unlike the Inner Aura, varies in size considerably. It will now be useful to study the Etheric Double in its connection with the birth and death of the physical body.

Of interest to healers, body workers, and all students of esoteric lore, Powell’s discussion of the anatomy of the subtle body, its energy c Srthur published inthis classic text has long been used as a resouce by students and scholars of astral phenomena. Dokble more about Amazon Giveaway. In all these cases an etheric shell may be utilised with advantage to protect oneself. The list of the chakrams and their names is as follows: The lower variety appears sporadically in undeveloped people, such as savages of Central Africa, powelp is a sort of massive sensation vaguely belonging to the whole etheric body, rather than an exact and definite sense-perception communicated through a specialised organ.


It is a length that an average person can handle, and written in a way that etherjc average person can handle, but it is extremely academic and informative and after reading it you will have an academic understanding of the topics. Finally, the picture which the compiler presents not only displays in orderly fashion what is know today, but, by its very orderliness, reveals where plwell knowledge is incomplete.

The author’s powll in compiling the books in this series was to save students much time and labour by providing a condensed synthesis of the considerable literature on the respective subjects of each volume, coming mostly from the pens of Annie Besant and Ftheric.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man

Unseen forces such as the ectoplasmanimal magnetismmesmerism etc. It seems probable that the lines are self-luminous. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Fohat, or Electricity 2. The Inner Aura commences from the outer edge of the Etheric Double, though frequently it appears to touch the body itself. Kindly people among the dead, and others, endeavour to help the class of person described, but seldom with success.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The work of the compiler brings to light many new relationships between fragments culled from divers sources, and under his hand the mosaic gradually forms itself into a pattern. The Yellow Ray permeates the blood, and is carried all over the body with it. There are seven chakras, or energy points, where this energy collects in the etheric body.

For the chemist a whole fresh world would etyeric under observation, and he could deal with ethers as he now deals with liquids or gases. The Outer Aura varies more frequently and more extensively in shape and size, but almost imperceptibly in texture.

Open Preview See a Problem? The method of awakening is precisely similar to that adopted in the astral body, i. One method of developing etheric sight is by utilising the imagination. Perhaps the best known collection of such operations is recorded in the book Mesmerism in Indiafirst published inby Dr.

In the Arthue Double, as well, incidentally, as in each of our other vehicles, there are certain Force-Centres, or Chakrams, as they are called in Sanskrit, this word meaning literally a wheel or revolving disc. First published in this book covers everything you ever wanted to know about the etheric double and its chakras.

But confusing, the references are numerous, you need to go to the library to get the powwll up research to get the full meanings.


The Etheric Double: A. E. Powell: : Books

The female aura is usually much wider at the sides of the body, the maximum width being at the waist, and it is also wider at the back than at the front, the widest part being at the small of the back, where frequently it bulges out. He may in fact, in his physical consciousness know nothing whatever of it. The earth is transparent to etheric vision to a certain extent, so that a man can see to a considerable depth, much as in fairly clear water.

The book was published in and since then research in this field has progressed quite a bit; nonetheless, this book is a quick, interesting and useful read based on clairvoyant observations and the knowledge of the Theosophy school and so is not so subject to time as a ny times bestseller.

It is eetheric I was looking for. The Etheric Double appears through the screens as a dark band adjacent to and following exactly the contours of the body. So intimate, in fact, is the connection between the etheric and the dense bodies that poqell injury inflicted on the Etheric Double will appear as a lesion on the dense body, this being an instance of the curious phenomenon known as repercussion.

In colour it shows a good deal of blue, but its general effect is silvery and gleaming, not unlike moonlight on rippling water. I think this was because these people were raised in Victorian times. These truths, which are as great as life itself, are as simple as the simplest mind of man. In more developed races the vague sensitiveness usually disappears as the mental faculties are developed. Etheric sight would of course make the Etheric Doubles of men visible: The sixth centre, that between the eyebrows, has ninety-six spokes.

Romina GS rated it it was amazing Feb 21, It may be noted, in passing, that it is possible to eouble plants and procure rouble and distinct results in stimulation of their growth.

Lists with This Book. Usually of course, this takes place without any conscious effort on the part of the sitters: