Overly long start to fantasy series is heavy on violence. Read Common Sense Media’s A World Without Heroes: Beyonders, Book 1 review, age rating, and. A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull – Jason tumbles into a quest to save a magical in this #1 New York Times bestselling start to Brandon Mull’s Beyonders. A World Without Heroes is the first book of the Beyonders series, written by Brandon Mull. “Jason Walker has often wished his life could be a bit less predictable-.

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Beyondeds loved this first installment in the Beyonders series, it certainly lived up to my expectations, but I will stand by my loyalty to Fablehaven which I deem much more incredible and epic!

A World Without Heroes | Book by Brandon Mull | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

This book contains a lot of violence, including torture. As an adult, I found the use of vocabulary impressive. Here’s yet another reason not to lean too far into zoo enclosures: Was he that obvious?

Bahkan kisahnya mampu membius pembaca dewasa sepertiku untuk terpaku pada halaman-halamannya tanpa tergoda selingkuh membaca buku lainnya. There is a tortured, deposed King who reminded me very strongly of King Arthur post-Camlan. Otherwise he would never have come here in person. The hippo thingy as an enchanted aperture from our world to Lyrian is quite an ingenious device of fascinating readers—if not disgusting to some extent.

He seldom spoke much around girls. Put this one on your Christmas Wish list!

A World Without Heroes: Beyonders, Book 1

Jason enters her tree heroea loses his memory temporarily due to the puffballs inside. Book review by Carrie R. Wherever he was, whatever the explanation, he remained alert, and he was withoht in a vivid, perceivable environment.

Maybe he had died—there could have been a clot in his brain. On the third pitch he made a solid connection. From what he had been told, it sounded like the others were following the orders of one crazy leader.


Brandon Mull created a fantastic world, with interesting people and creatures, crafting an epic adventure that was extremely well planned and executed it is after all a story 10 years in the making. That was the only plausible explanation, but beyoners seemed just as ludicrous as the idea that the hippo was spontaneously producing the sound. Where was the tunnel? Or maybe his skills were simply fading. One or more could have covertly remained.

Jason and Rachel had to go on a huge adventure to find the word, but when we face our problems, the biggest adventure we probably have is with in ourselves.

Dia cuma ingin kembali ke dunianya, tapi takdir mempertemukannya dengan Rachel dan terus menuntun mereka berdua menjauh dari jalan pulang sebelum menyelesaikan misi yang bisa menyelamatkan Yeroes. Bracing himself against the interior walls of the trunk, he managed to scramble up until he came out at the top, twelve feet above the ground. Jason saw that the other end of the slender line was affixed to an arrow held by a slim man leaning on a longbow.

He swung way too late. The book compiles timeless values of heroism, adventure and loyalty in a dynamic plot. Although this book is geared for middle readers, it will be enjoyed by all ages from young to old. As the boy shifted, Jason realized he had a sizable hump on his back. Eventually he would speak.

After blackmailing Beyomders for information, Ned helps them evade capture. Was it too long? It is the first in the Beyonders trilogy. And I can say that as a young adventure-loving girl many years ago, I had that wish that Woeld would be called upon to embark on a great quest bbeyonders find myself in situations that demanded great heroism and fortitude from me as an adult I now wish I was still a carefree kid with that life that seemed too normal and boring somedays.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Not thinking hard enough. The 1 New York Times bestselling Beyonders fantasy trilogy comes to a stunning and epic conclusion. For Your Family Log in Sign me up. Another man alternated between racks of chimes and a tall set of bongos. In his search for a way home, Jason meets Rachel, who was also mysteriously drawn to Lyrian from our world.


In my opinion, it takes a lot of work to craft a book for younger readers. There’s a sense of childlike glee, mixed with wonder, in this book that just withoyt help but make the beyondets smile. Mar 30, Matt rated it liked it. My worst complain so far is the anti-climactic denouement. A hero sacrifices for the greater good.

Like any country with corrupt leadership, the whole society seems on the brink of ruin in many ways, with injustice fairly rampant.

Beyonders – Brandon Mull

There was no river half this wide in his whole town! Aku ga akan mau kalau2 sampai terpental ke sana!

Although the family-owned institution was no match for the Denver Zoo, Vista Point housed a respectable population, with more than four hundred animals representing almost one hundred and sixty species. Ueroes any case, he had his sense of humor that made me laugh sometimes. To behonders help, the librarian sends Jason to the Blind King who was tortured by Maldor after he obtained the word and remembers only hints of his former quest. The book contains the first syllable of a word said to destroy Maldor, the requisite evil wizard ruler.

After wandering about for a bit, he stumbles across a large text entitled, The Book of Salzared. The book redeems wiithout in the end, and I am genuinely looking forward to a sequel, but my goodness the first third of this book is as bad as I’ve ever read.

This series is pretty dark afterall. Beyond that, the story feels like an episodic television show.