The technical process of leather production, microorganisms associated with these processes, and the control of various types of microbial damage of hides. Microbial biodeterioration of leather and its control: A review. Orlita, Alois International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 53(3): Hides and . 19 Mar Girdle Books – Deterioration & Preservation of Leather Overcovers .. Microbial biodeterioration of leather and its control: a review.

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Anybody biodeterioraton ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Similarly, Aspirin is broken down by Acinetobacter iwoffii, Atropine is degraded by Pseudomonas and Corynebacterium spp.

Biodeterioration of Various Materials | Microbiology

The control of microbes in the leather industry has been achieved by the use of chemicals. The species of Pseudomonas, Citrobacter and Aerobacter secrete enzymes that breakdown the finished items and may generate unpleasant odour, particularly H 2 S. It is conducted to monitor microbial contamination of raw materials, to monitor and confirm the efficacy of operations such as sterilization, to control the pathogenic microorganisms by their absenceand to evaluate the expected storage period.

Besides, a large number of pseudomonads corrode steel and iron structures used in building construction. Streptomyces rubireticuli and Penicillium sp. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Old ancient monuments, natural rocks, etc. Biodeterioration phenomena in painted hypogeal environments: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 16 1: Sometimes gas bubbles are also generated. Wool, fur, and feathers mainly contain cystein rich proteins keratin that is degraded by keratinophilic fungi such as Trichophyton sp.


This leads to metal ion formation by producing insoluble hydroxides.

biodterioration They damage, colour, impart odour and affect the tensile strength. They use concrete, brick and mortar of building material as nutrients. It leads to breakdown of antibiotics for e. A number of fungicides, including 2- thiocyanomethylthio benzothiazole, in the wide range of biocidal products now available for preventing defects of biological origin in hides and leathers have been compared in efficacy tests and their penetration, absorption leathr distribution in tanned leather has been investigated.

Biochemical aspects of biodeterioration of leather and its control. Many plastics are resistant to microbial attack but addition of various other materials makes the plastics prone to microbial attack. Aspergillus, Hormoconis formly Cladosporium resinae often found to be associated with oil sludge.

Course reserves Setting up a course reserve Form for setting up a course reserve. These product formulations are good sources of nutrients for microbes.


Browse subjects Browse through journals Browse through conferences. Besides, some microorganisms also secrete enzyme biodeteriortaion that deteriorate hemicellulose present in paper. Such products later on become unstable and form separate oil and water phases. Fuels and lubricants are biodeteripration products of petroleum. Biodetfrioration biocides in washes, bleaching compounds, phenolics and organo-tin compounds are being used to save the building materials. Microbial quality control is a necessary step to check the deterioration of crude and finished materials.


Fungicidal agents in combinations showed synergistic effects and could be used as broad-spectrum agents against moulds. During leather deterioration microbial damage may cause tensile strength and colouration. Deterioration of paper occurs by various cellulolytic fungi such as Trichoderma chaetomium and Aspergillus, and bacteria such as Cellulomonas, etc. Tables of content are generated automatically and are based on records of articles contained that are available in the TIB-Portal index.

Fuels and lubricants are attacked only if water is present. Recent advances in biodeterioration and biodegredation: Corrosion of technical materials in the presence of biofilms—current understanding biodeteriorationn state-of-the art methods of study.

Description: Biodeterioration in leather industry

biodetdrioration For protection against moulds it is possible to use a single active ingredient, but it is recommended that a combination of fungicides is used to improve performance by synergistic effects and by broadening the activity spectrum against moulds.

Microbial biodeterioration of leather and its control: The Quarterly Review of Biology 58, Limit the search to the library catalogue. Microbial deterioration of leather materials – a literature review. Microorganisms are known to corrode metals. In addition, hyphal bioeeterioration into the surface layers of these materials can result in crack formation which may be promoted by excretion of corrosive metabolites.