Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women: Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Jayne Ann Krentz, Editor University of Pennsylvania Press $ (p). In Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women, Jayne Ann Krentz and the contributors to this volume-all best-selling romance writers-explode myths and biases. Dangerous men and adventurous women. Other Authors. Krentz, Jayne Ann. Published. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, c Content Types.

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Roches- ter, who notes in one of their first conversations, “Ah!

Currently she writes contemporary romances for Pocket Books under her own name and historical romances for Bantam under the pen name Amanda Quick. The differ- ence is that the person who does not like to read horror or science fiction is unlikely to criticize the genres or chastise and condemn the readers who do love them but simply shrugs and accepts the fact that the stories hold no personal appeal.

To ask other readers questions about Dangerous Men and Adventurous Womenplease sign up. This heroine is holding my place or perhaps I even like her enough to identify with her to an extent and I am the hero.

However, it is certainly simpler — though not always more effective — for us mere mortals to invoke the reader’s powerful stake in the hero by using his viewpoint.

Tania Modleski’s analysis of how third person point of view works, supposing it to be merely a sort of convenience — no more than first person narrative with “schizophrenic” asides to the audience — and claiming that “hardly any critical distance is estab- lished between reader and [heroine],” manages not only to over- look the power of third person narrative in controlling and cre- ating emotion and reader identification but to get everything backwards.

Some writers, myself included, believe that a sense of danger, of risk, is created in the books by the fact that the hero plays two roles: These books are translated into over twenty languages, including Japa- nese, Greek, and Swedish. Notes Includes chapters by New Zealand authors.

Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women | Jayne Ann Krentz

New cultural studies Subjects Love stories — Appreciation. She would never bore him as other women had. At that time, authors were actually prevented from using the male viewpoint by their pub- lishers, who clearly operated solidly within the idea that the reader always identifies with the heroine.


It also talks about why as a “women’s genre” romance is still stigmatized despite the fact that it generates billions of dollars per year in sales and represents the largest market share of any type of fiction, as well as the false belief that the romance formula is easier to write than other genre fiction if you’re just looking to churn out books for profit. They did not consider them politically incorrect. That sounded good to me. Accusations di- rected at the genre, such as Marion Zimmer Bradley’s polemic against romance, typically assume without further exam- ination that a female reader must identify with the female lead and so is in danger of modeling her own life after a character who might be submissive, passive, or obsessed only with romantic love and maintaining her virginity.

That romances, far from degrading women, actually celebrate and empower women, since they always emerge triumphant over men in the requisite happy ending. She also responds on an intellectual level.

Dangerous men & adventurous women : romance writers on the appeal of the romance

It’s a little dated written inbut there are a lot of thought-provoking essays. Like a secret handshake, the codes make the reader feel jaayne she is part of a group.

She has published more than twenty series romances for Dell and Silhou- ette. In the reading addventurous a romance, the conflict and resolution of a romantic relationship are entirely within the reader and have noth- ing directly to do with the reader’s husband, boyfriend, male boss, or male co-workers, except as they may interfere with the reading process itself.

Love stories, American — History and msn. Even the essays in this volume are, to some extent, locked in code. The messages contained in romance fiction, the language in which these messages are conveyed, and the intense experience induced by the act of reading itself tend to support and reflect this essential feminine concern. Anne McCaffrey creates flying dragons. In many cases the heroine must do battle with a hero whose mythical resonance is that of the devil himself.

Jayne Ann Krentz Amanda Quick, Jayne Castle, Stephanie James has written and published more than fifty series romances Currently she writes contemporary romances under her own name and historical romance the pen name Amanda Quick.


The market seems to be an expanding one, a global community of romance readers. It requires that the final union of male and female be a fusing of contrasting elements: I heartily disagree with both points, and this book does, too. The reader reads a good novel with a sense of discovery, but it is a discovery of elements of Laura Kinsale 38 the existing inner self. Lean and spare, short and terse. Nouns include devil, wrath, waters, bride, lass, strength, desire, foul play, and marriage of conve- nience.

Most of the emotional and intellectual responses generated by romance plot devices are rendered complex by their paradoxical nature: But fictional characters, as real as they can seem, are entirely internal constructs within the reader: As the author of the first to my knowledge historical ro- mance to have the hero alone on the cover, I have had a ringside seat at this new twist in the romance genre.

It may well be that the use of the romance codes are more important to the success of a particular romance novel than are the usual elements upon which fiction is judged — the logic and clever- ness of the plot, the development of the characters, or the vigor and originality of the author’s voice.

Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women: Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance

They are published in over interna- tional markets: Do our editors force us to write this way? All of this suggests that the underlying appeal of romance novels is universal in nature, crossing cultural and political bound- aries. It’s advdnturous to note that what is usually regarded as “good” prose style — presupposing the value of the original, individual voice over the value of merged voices — jyne not necessary for the writing of romance.

One of the woemn things that must be under- stood about romance novels is that reader identification with the characters is far more complex than critics have realized. Females, on the other hand, are instructed from child- Linda Barlow 50 hood to control, repress, or even split off their aggressive and erotic drives.