Frederick I also known as Frederick Barbarossa (Italian: Federico Barbarossa), was the Holy Otto of Freising and his continuator Rahewin, The deeds of Frederick Barbarossa tr. Charles Christopher Mierow with Richard Emery. New York. Get this from a library! The deeds of Frederick Barbarossa. [Otto, Bishop of Freising; Rahewin; Charles Christopher Mierow]. Charles Christopher Mierow, ed. The Deeds of Frederick Barbarossa. New York: Columbia University Press, pp. $ (paper), ISBN.

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Frederick undertook six expeditions into Italy. Agnes de Poitou [98]. He was named Barbarossa by the northern Italian cities which he attempted to rule: The latter work was full of Augustinian negativity concerning the nature of the barbxrossa and history. While in England the pledge of fealty went in a direct line from overlords to those under them, the Germans pledged oaths only to the direct overlord, so that in Henry’s case, those below him in the feudal chain owed nothing to Frederick.

Despite his unorthodox teaching concerning theology, Arnold was not charged with heresy. His formidable enemies defeated him on almost every side, yet in the end he emerged triumphant. The only real claim to wealth lay in the rich cities of northern Italy, which were still within the nominal control of the German king.

His teeth are even and snow-white in color Historians consider him among the Holy Roman Empire’s greatest medieval emperors. Retrieved 24 September Columbia University Press, Frederick I, Duke of Swabia [96] 9.

The Origins of Modern Europe. Some sources of this legend indicate that Barbarossa implemented his revenge for this insult by forcing the magistrates of the city to remove a fig from the anus of a donkey using only their teeth.


Each possessed a rare combination of qualities that made him appear superhuman to his contemporaries: Both were considered the greatest and most charismatic leaders of their age. When Frederick I of Hohenstaufen was chosen as king inroyal power had been in effective abeyance for over twenty-five years, and to a considerable degree for fredsrick than eighty years.

The institution of the Justinian code was used, perhaps unscrupulously, by Frederick to lay claim to divine powers. The Crusaders passed through HungarySerbiaand Bulgaria before entering Byzantine territory and arriving at Constantinople in the autumn frederkck The Civilization of the Middle Ages.

Both came to the throne in the prime of manhood. German propaganda deede into the exaggerated fables believed by the common people by characterizing Frederick Barbarossa and Frederick II as personification of the “good king”. He is shorter than very tall men, but taller and more noble than men of medium height.

His whole face is bright and cheerful.

Ordulf, Duke of Saxony []. Today they are kept in the Shrine of the Three Kings in the Cologne cathedral. Both Henry and Frederick were viewed to be sufficiently and formally devout to the teachings of the Church, without being moved to the extremes of spirituality seen in the great saints of the 12th century.

The deeds of Frederick Barbarossa

Wulfhilde of Saxony [97]. Eleanor of Normandy [] 3. Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders [] The treaty also reduced the Latin Kingdom to a geopolitical coastal strip extending from Tyre to Jaffa. University of California Press.

Two years later, the term sacrum “holy” first appeared in a document in connection with his Empire. When the northern Italian cities inflicted a defeat on Frederick at Alessandria inthe European world was shocked.


Herrschaft und Erinnerung — Henry’s allies deserted him, and he finally had to submit to Frederick at an Imperial Diet in Erfurt in November RahewinCharles Christopher Mierow. The armies coming from western Europe pushed on through Anatoliawhere they were victorious in taking Aksehir and defeating the Turks in the Battle of Iconiumand entered Cilician Armenia. Otto’s other major work, The Two Cities was an exposition of the work of St. When Conrad died in Februaryonly Frederick and the prince-bishop of Bamberg were at his deathbed.

In Frederick’s third visit to Italy inhis plans for the conquest of Sicily were ruined by the formation of a powerful league against him, brought together mainly by opposition to imperial taxes. This was a large concession on the part of Frederick, who realized that Henry the Lion had to be accommodated, even to the point of sharing some power with him.

The Deeds of Frederick Barbarossa by Otto of Freising

Disorder was again rampant in Germany, especially in Bavaria, but general peace was restored by Frederick’s vigorous, but conciliatory, measures.

Adelheid vom Filsgau []. In a move to consolidate his reign after the disastrous expedition into Italy, Frederick was formally crowned King of Burgundy at Arles on 30 June Robert Appleton Company, Agnes de Poitou [98] 5. After Unity; Reconfiguring German Identities. Henry IX, Duke of Bavaria [97]. The Deeds of Frederick Barbarossa.