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Por d i f f e r e n t f i e l d s of application involving f i n e mechanics, see D I N Sheet 1 Section 4, Table I column 1 s p e c i f i e s a range. DIN Spur Gear Drives for Fine Mechanics; Tables. DIN Spur Gear Drives for Fine Mechanics; Indication in Drawings, Examples for Calculation.

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The cumulative error can be found by rolling the gear to be tested with a master gear, f o r which purpose the total composite error of the master gear must be known and, where necessary, deducted from the teet result.

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They a r e intended t o serve t h e designer as a check l i s t of a l l the points which must dij taken i n t o account when choosing a gear f i t. The tolerances and allowances etated’in the following Tables apply to gears according to D M Sheet 1, Section 2. In this case the permissible radial eccentricity for the tip circle should be taken from Table 3. Measuring plane perpendicular with centre distance line 6 Tolerances f o r uear assemblies.

Page 4 DIN Sheet 2 2. The e r r o dn t r a c e must remain between the two l i n e s previously drawn which represent the bounda r i e s of t h e tolerance zone.

The difference between the upper and the lower allowance of the tip circle ia appended as a minus tolerance. Base tannent 584405 allowances; dual cone width allowances; Derm. I test flanges a r e provi0ed 85405 o r setting up purposes, the permissible radial eccentricity f applies t o these.

The reference diameter to which the axial eccentricity is related is found as: Base tanuent lenRth allowancea; dual cone width allowances; Dem. They should be taken from the Tables i n Section 6 t o s u i t the gear f i t selected grade dinn tolerance zone. For grades P 8 it is recommended that the tip cylinder should be used for setting up the gear blank, or that test flanges should be provided.

If the c h a r t feed i s operated and a t ra c e drawn corresponding t o t he upper and lower allowance, two concentric c i r c l e s a r e obtained if the recording i a made in pol ar Co-ordinates dih Figure 5 and two p a r a l l e l s t r a i g h t lines i f the recording i s made i n rectangular Co-ordinates see Figure 6.

For gears not covered i n the scope it may be necessary i certain circumstances to modify the n allowances and tolerances. dln


The c e n tre distance a” i s then reduced each time by the upper and louer allowance of the base tangent length converted t o the r a d i a l direction. Permissible radial eccentricits for tip cylinder when this is n o t used for settinn UE Table 4 Permissible radial eccentricity f o r. In connection v i t h the s e l e c t i o n of b a l l b e d n g e i t should be noted t h a t the tolerance allowed f o r t he bearing bores Q i n t h e housing r e l a t i v e t o the tolerance on t he centre distance Ta must be reduced by the amount of the r a d i a l run-out of the b a l l bearing outer ringe frL.

This dimension must not be entered in the drawing redundant dimensioning; see DIN Sheet 3. Base tanuent lenuth allowances; dual cone width allowances; Dem. Assuming t h a t t h e gear t o be t e s t e d i s within the scope according t o D I N Sheet 1, Sect i o n 2, the centre distance of s t r a i g h t or h e l i c a l spur gears without addendum modification i s set on the dual flank r o l l t e s t e r a s folows: I f the upper and lower allowances of the dual f lank r o l l t e s t distance have been recorded according t o Section 4.

In this case the permissible axial eccentricity TAa is: Aw irI 2 lana, 50 lover allovanc.

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Gear blank f o r gear with external t eet h Bearing seating diameter Centre hole Figure The q u a l i t y of a tooth system depends very l ar gel y on the accuracy of the gear blanks. Base tangent length allowances and t h e i r boundary involutes The base 5805 length allowances don r e r e l a t e d t o the tooth thickness allowances as follows: This i s why permissible 5840 a ri a t i diin n s a r e specified for the gear blank i n accordance w i t h the required qua l i t y of the tooth system.

The ideal involute surface corresponding to the nominal dimension and shown in Figure 4 is outside the boundary involutes because of the negative base tangent length allowances see a l s o DIN Sheet IFigure I. The uncertainty i n measurement due t o var i at i on of the measuring Observance of t h e s p e c i fi e d allowances may be determined d i r e c te.

The cumulative error of a tooth system is the common and simultaneous effect of a number of individual errors on the ideal position and geometry of the tooth flanks. Minor var iat i o n s may, however, a r i s e in 584405 connection because the individual allowances have been rounded t o preferred numbers.

The centre distance a” can be s e t by placing the appropriate s l i p gauges between t he two mounting a rb o rs or the individual arbors. In the came of instrument drives it is recommended, particularly when mounted overhung, that ball bearings with increased radial clearance ehould be used and proloading applied.


I the tip circle tip cylinder is used for setting up the gear blank on the gear-cutting f machine, the radial eccentricity of the gear blauk according to Table 4 should be observed.

DIN 58405-2

For gears with V t e e t h t h e following apply: I ma -4 -ea -n -w – above 6 to I2 hove 0. For s t r a i g h t or h e l i c a l spur gears without addendum modification assuming that the gear t othe r e s u l t i n g dual be t e s t e d i a within t h e scope according t o DIB Sheet I Section 2 f l a n k r o l l t e s t distance allowances a r e as follows: The reference axis f o r the radial eccentricity is the axis of the mounting bore see Figure 1 or the axis of the gear seating diameter see Figure 2 or the axis of the two centre holes see Figure 3.

The face alignment error is designated as pos i t i ve if t he var 5405 at i on i s i n the right-hand dir e c t i o nand negative i f i t i a i n dun left-hand di r ect i on with reference t o the design value n of the h e l i x angle Bo. I n t h e case of housings made of aluminium a l l o y s and s i m i l a r materials, s u i t a b l e measues should be taken, e. The t o t a l composite error according t o Section 4. The values specified relate to the bearing when inetalled. These allowances, together with the centre distance allowances, are the criteria for a gear fit.

This i s performed a s follows: The following are distinguished: In t h i s connection i t should be noted i n p a r t i c u l a r t h a ti n the case of disc-shaped 558405 blanks i n which t h e length of bore dih a not s u f f i c i e n t t o support the gear blank during the gear-cutting procese, the end faces serve ae contact faces during the gear-cutting process and hence t h e i r geometrical and position var i at i ons determine t he qual i t y of th e tooth system.

The e r r o r i n a x i a l parallelism i e designated by Spa.