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For example, the temples of the hero have turned white at the same time as those of the artist. So, in order to get things straight, I coined him Mike Steve Blueberry eventually; This kind of forgetfulness happens to me often.

As ofthe spin-off series by Corteggiani and Blanc-Dumont remains only published in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Bluebergy and Italian, [] a far cry from the nearly two dozen languages the main series had once been published in. In the latter, Giraud explained his creative thought processes for the coloring in an editorial.


Jean-Michel Charlier has never witnessed the return of his creations to the parent publisher, nor has he ever mended fences with George Dargaud — for whose publishing house Charlier had made signature contributions after all —and who followed Charlier in death almost to the day one year later on July 18, Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: The three American albums, again translated by the Lofficier couple, were also, unaltered and unedited, included in the above-mentioned anthology collection from Graphitti Designs.

A film adaptation, Blueberry [] U. The mere fact that serious newspapers and magazines were by then vying for the opportunity to run Blueberry in their wl first aside from the above-mentioned bluebwrry, the newspaper France-Soir had already run the first two outings of the revitalized La Jeunesse de Blueberry series in and — see belowwas testament to the status Blueberry and its creator s had by then attained in French society.

Giraud had left Blueberry on a cliff-hanger with “Angel Face”, dl in an insatiable demand for more, putting tenisnte pressure on Dargaud.

Portada de El Teniente Blueberry. | GIR in | Pinterest | Blueberry, Jean giraud and Comics

I was not quite on board with the development of the story yet, we still had not decided upon anything. Graphitti Designs releases European standard size hardcover graphic novel format in dust b,ueberry. As the “Thunder on the Sierra” short numbered 14 pages instead of 16, no editorial cutting was necessary for the third book.

Then Giraud left on his own accord. And why this ridiculous name Blueberry? As an aside, I humbly apologize to the respectable professors and other eminent historians who have rock solidly believed in it, and who have overwhelmed me with requests for my sources. That I reverted the task to him, was not laziness on my part, but rather a gesture of friendship; I wanted to demonstrate to him that he could draw Blueberry every-bit as good as I did.

I forgot that first name and then I named him Mike. Charlier subsequently presented me with another idea: Ironically, it was Philippe Charlier, among others, who indirectly conceded the point when he accused Giraud of wanting “to settle scores” with Charlier Sr.


On recommendation of Charlier, who has had previous dealings with the publisher, [49] the catalog was legally, but temporarily, housed at the French publishing house fr: Having coined the failure “spectacular”, Giraud later stated in the interview book by Sadoul p.

There actually had been an additional, more prosaic reason as well for the decision to do so. The relatively short tenure at Alpen saw the release of “Arizona Love”, which was actually started under the aegis of Novedi, but for teeniente Charlier had not yet contracted with the publisher because of his hunch, thus leaving the title legally “free” for JMC Aventures to be signed with Alpen, according to Giger, adding that this teninete the full and immediate blessing of Giraud.

It should be noted that album publication of “Fort Navajo”, due the fact that Charlier had chosen to disseminate the title outside the French, Spanish and Portuguese language areas in magazine syndication, has posed problems for publishers in other language countries, especially in Germany and north-west Europe, when Blueberry broke out in popularity in the late s—early s, well before the syndication term was to expire in Apart from the expedited release of the two additional La Jeunesse titles, Dargaud also undertook a subsequent action in an attempt to further profit from the upsurge in popularity of Blueberryby releasing the very first six-volume Blueberry integral edition of Since its inception, the series has steadily gained a large following in Europe, and has, in part or in whole, been extensively translated in both serialized and book versions into multiple languages, to wit, Spanish both Spain proper and the Americas[98] Portuguese including Brasil[99] Italian[] German[] Dutch[] Swedish[] Danish[] Norwegian[] Polish[] Finnish[] Serbo-Croatian[] Hungarian[] Greek[] Icelandic[] Turkish[] TamilIndonesian [] and, more recently, Japanese with an even more recent addition in Chinese.

There were some great ideas, which needed to be finalized. I think, as we go along, we will build something that is recognizably different from what Giraud has done up until now. Jean-Michel Charlier Jean Giraud.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. There were always seven to eight scenarios underway. Of course, there is a certain challenge in doing the story this way, because I might possibly yank the rug from under the feet of the reader. How far Giraud actually already was in his thinking was exemplified by the inclusion of his art featuring Blueberry with Hopi tribesmen, endowed with the caption “In Hopi Towns”, [] as the interior flyleaf illustration for the regular “Arizona Love” French book release, [] reprinted as such, without the caption, in the last Graphitti Designs release, Moebius 9.

Three Black Birds” Blueberrybr. While the removal of individual panels was regrettable from a graphic art point of view — as it, besides the missing art, also broke up the integrity of Giraud’s carefully designed page lay-outs, especially in ” Mustangs” [] —it entailed no consequences for the plot of the shorts, save the first one; in “Blueberry’s Secret” the in the synopsis mentioned Long Sam had witnessed the murder Blueberry was accused of and therefore able to prove his innocence, but is gunned down before he is able to do so by the real murderer, who in turn is gunned down by Blueberry, leaving Blueberry without any recourse to prove his innocence.


This spin-off series was the second attempt, this time by Alpen Publishers, to further capitalize on the huge popularity both the main, and Wilson’s Blueberry series enjoyed at the time.


East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Both publisher Novedi and writer Jean-Michel Charlier told me that they want me tenietne make blueberfy series my own as soon as possible. I’m not saying it’s all entirely successful. Jonathan Cartland see also below and fr: On that occasion Charlier, owning a law degree, [43] stipulated an exemption clause for magazine pre- publications of his own co- creations.

In later life, Giraud has watered down the prosaic statement, claiming he only made this comment because he tired of having to explain himself over and over again at the time. Read more Read less. A detail that should not be lacking in all this pizzazz, the officers represented tenlente Blueberry sides are, in reality, comic artists Jean-Marc Reiser and Jean Tabarywho were relatively unknown at the time, but bluebeerry have come a long way since the time they posed as Blue Coats!

Due to his intimate twenty-five year familiarity with both the series and its writer, it was a foregone conclusion that Giraud would from then on take on the scripting of the main series as well, especially since it was already agreed upon in the “contracts signed with Jean-Michel” that “the tebiente would take over the series”. Part of their strategy was to forego on a magazine of their own and instead release titles directly in album format, as it was noticed that the serialized comic magazine format had already started to wane in Europe as a format and actually one of the main reasons for Axel Springer to pull the plug on Koralleresulting in the advantage of tsniente having to incur the expenses of maintaining magazine editorial offices.

If Colin wants, I can assume the role of a mentor. Charlier came up with the name during his American trip: Mac Coy Dargaud and fr: The French edition however, sold out in a matter of weeks, and an additional Actually, I want to take up the idea of Blueberry again, which has a very realistic side, sometimes a more crazy one: The veteran Charlier bblueberry already sensed the writings on the wall at Novedi and discussed plans with Giger lbueberry have all his comic creations moved over to the new publisher, tenienet to this end had already arranged his old friend fr: When I began to create the new series, and everything started to fall into place, I decided to reuse my friend’s nickname, because I liked it and thought it was funny.