History (P.) Sabin, (H.) Van Wees and (M.) Whitby The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare, Volume 1: Greece, the Hellenistic World and the Rise of. A History of Philosophy is an eleven-volume history of Western philosophy written by the English Jesuit priest Frederick Charles Copleston. . Philosopher Christia Mercer described A History of Philosophy as: “One of the most influential . The best text of the history of philosophy now available in English. -The Historical Bulletin. A HISTORY OF. PHILOSOPHY. FREDERICK COPLESTON, S.J.

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My only two complaints about it are: International customers will be reimbursed a portion of unused shipping charges. A tenth volume was added to the Continuum edition in[13] and the eleventh is actually a collection of essays which appeared in as Contemporary Philosophy.

Thus, Copleston’s first volume and, eventually, matriculation in Loyola University Chicago. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! I look forward to the next eight volumes which run to the late ‘s and John Paul Sartre but for many, his History will frustrate.

History of Western Philosophy. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Return to Book Page.

Others, like Bertrand Russell in his absurd “History of Western Philosophy” or Etienne Gilson in his brilliant “The Unity of Philosophical Experience” proffer an argument for a particular philosophical position. Sign In Register Help Cart. I read the section on the Pre-Socratics and then on Democritus He uses paragraph long sentences like they’re going out of style. He is clearly weakest on the Presocratics, and copldston fact he begins with an apologia for including them at all; his “justifcation” is that they are needed to understand where Plato and Aristotle are coming from.

Well written, extensive and informative, objective and respectful, systematic and complete.

History of Philosophy Volume 1: Greece and Rome – Frederick Copleston – Google Books

The next two volumes of course are on mediaeval, mainly Catholic philosophy, which is Copleston’s forte and which is never treated sufficiently in more secular histories, while by the time he got to modern philosophy he was consciously writing for a largely non-Catholic audience. Rome’s Debt to Greece Alan Wardman: Secondly, re my guiltless breaking up of the set, I have neither the time, money or space to read, acquire or store the complete set.


In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description. Any negative comment I can make on this work would be mere nitpick, and any praise by me would be admiration rather than critical approval. Copleston writes with welcome clarity, but without the slight dumbing down of Will Durant’s engaging Story of Philosophy or the biases of Bertrand Russell’s provocative History of Western Philosophy.

In other words, Copleston’s volumes are still the place to start for anyone interested in following man’s speculations about himself and his world. Greece, the Hellenistic World and the Rise of Rome. A history of philosophy vol. While in Heythrop Copleston had time and interest to begin the work he is most famous for, his “A History of Philosophy” – a textbook that originally set out to deliver a clear account of ancient, medieval and modern philosophy in three volumes, which was instead completed in nine volumes Poo poo, I was very excited to pick this up as well.

Feb 04, James F rated it liked it Shelves: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There is however, one important problem due to his viewpoint, which is in the selection of what he discusses and what he leaves out.

Coplestone’s choice of verbiage is often f One of the best introductions fredsrick ancient Greek philosophy out there.

Cambridge University Press, History of Philosophy Vol 1 Frederick Copleston. Bookseller Completion Rate This reflects the percentage of orders the seller has received and filled. A History of Philosophy, Vol 1: From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy pdcnet. Other editions – View all History of Philosophy Volume 1: Michael Miley styled himself a writer and acted accordingly.

Private Morality in Greece and Rome: Copleston’s account of the rise of Christianity, including both its co-opting of and pyilosophy of the more intellectual and less popular Neo-Platonism viz. Like many texts published a half century or longer ago Coplestone consistently leaves Greek and Latin phrases that he quotes even at some considerable length philosoohy. He was ordained a Jesuit priest at Heythrop College in and soon after went to Germany to complete his training.


Those two criticisms aside, the book is a great over all and well laid out in its presentation. Greece philospohy Rome Frederick Copleston Limited preview – This could be easily remedied with a newer addition and footnotes. Views Read Edit View history.

Although his comments sometimes seem rather intrusive to a non-Catholic reader, they are always clearly separated from his descriptions, and there is something to be said for having a known, admitted bias that one can take into account and correct for as opposed to a supposedly objective text where the bias and there will always fredderick a bias in a field as controversy-laden as philosophy has to be guessed at from the treatment itself.

History of Philosophy Volume 1: I do commend his scho I was looking for an introduction to philosophy and found this set being tossed at the local library. It covers Logical positivism and Existentialism. Copleston, as everyone is fond of mentioning, is extremely erudite, and writes generally in ihstory lucid and easily-understandable English. Copleston’s mammoth nine volume work is a momentous achievement. It quickly became a standard history outside that target audience because there was nothing approaching a comprehensive history of philosophy in English at the time which was at all recent or based pilosophy contemporary scholarship.

History of Philosophy (Vol 1)

His lectures were published under the title Religion and the One, and were largely a metaphysical tract attempting to express themes perennial in his thinking and more personal than in his history. Galilee Trade, February 16. He is philosiphy Jesuit, ohilosophy is generally fair-minded, even if he does have a tendency to conclude chapters with a reaffirmation of the correctness of revealed religion, and it is not uncommon for him to make moralistic asides that, to an atheistic reader indate him and his work considerably.

Trivia About A History of Phil