Genba is a Japanese term meaning “the actual place”. Japanese detectives call the crime scene genba, and Japanese TV reporters may refer to themselves as. gemba | Gemba Kanri (Introduction to Gemba Leadership). The meaning and purpose of all these principles will be further explored in succeeding chapters, dealing particularly with the three cornerstones of Genba Kanri.

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August 28, Dear Gemba Coach, In your experience of teaching lean, what do you find most difficult to teach? This is an intriguing question, thank you. August 17, Dear Gemba Coach,If lean is based on respect for people, why are sensei gemba visits reputed to be so tough? Process produces results Process should be well defined, clearly documented, operating in stable environment, etc.

Many people have invested significant time and effort in improving things and end up feeling let down. We can help to get the change process started by helping people to see things differently, and do things differently.

Dear Gemba Coach,How should I accelerate my own learning? January 18, I participated recently at a hiring process for a position at a lean company a true leader in the lean field. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I wonder why we even need such a discussion. Authorities in lean practice suggest conducting research that compares outcomes with lean and without.


Gemba Walk: Where the Real Work Happens

We’ve been doing lean for several years now, and the program has had its ups and downs. The Gemba walk is an essential part of the Lean management philosophy. Which lean tools can be used to help them believe? Checkingthe act of verifying if conformance to the standards results in process stability. But what is 4M. So before you go Gemba, prepare your checklist carefully based on the area you want to investigate. Why do you lean guys always focus on shop floor processes?

What is your opinion about transformation process steps?

Nichijo GEMBA Kanri – 日常 管理 – (Daily Work Management )

Am I missing something? I find the process cumbersome, it goes against everything I kanrl about creative problem solving and, personally, I resent the idea that my boss wants to teach me how to think. Are they being too snobby? Should I stick with it, or regroup and rethink? Dear Gemba Coach,How do I become a sensei?

After the latest reorganization, engineering now comes under me. Normal Abnormal judgment made possible. February 12, Dear Gemba CoachI read your latest and very interesting Gemba Coach column comparing design thinking and lean thinking. Dear Gemba Gembs the webinar, you mentioned the importance of quantifying the financial impacts of lean efforts before introducing the system.

How should we think about it? Unlike focus groups and surveys, genba visits are not scripted or bound by what one wants to ask. Dear Gemba Coach,If lean really is about innovation, why does so much of it seem to be about logistics, with truck preparation areas, leveling boxes, small trains, kanbans and so on?


Dear Gemba Coach,I am ops director of a large hospital. Dear Gemba Coach,We work with Toyota Kata, which we gmeba very helpful, but we struggle to set target conditions. I have been interested in lean for some time, yet am concerned about the current program: This is a very common obstacle.

October 9, Dear Gemba Coach, How large should my lean promotion office be if I want to achieve quickly a lean culture change?

We have been working with a sensei for three years and have progressively moved from batch organization to flow and production cells. Where are the emotions and the effects that real people have at work? Get Kaizened Official Blog. I was surprised at their approach. As a plant manager, my requirement is to be able to look at the next 12 months. So why does it feel so bad? Dear Gemba CoachWe used to do six sigma and are new to lean.

What problem does it solve?