26 Jul I must begin with a clarification, John Lennox is one of my favorite authors. This even despite the fact that I consider myself an agnostic, leaning. God and Stephen Hawking has ratings and 90 reviews. Manny In this swift and forthright reply, John Lennox, Oxford mathematician and author of ‘God’s. John Lennox. In his latest book, the world’s most eminent physicist Stephen Hawking argues that the laws of physics, not the will of God, provide the real.

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Does SH actually acknowledge a being who set this all up once he realizes that there is not time enough since his Big Bang for everything like this to be so perfect without some designer being involved?

Yes the book is written to criticize Hawking’s book -‘The grand design’. In this short review, I have barely scratched the surface of Dr.


John Lennox: The Irony of Stephen Hawking’s Atheism | Evolution News

SPCK, Yet physical laws on their own cannot create anything; they lennoox merely a description of what normally happens under certain given conditions. It is important finally to say that rational support for the existence of God is not only to be found in the realm of science, for science is not as some think co-extensive with rationality.

Lewis saw this long ago.

Jun 10, Christy Lockstein rated it really liked it. Although Hawking’s argument is being hailed as controversial and ground-breaking, it is hardly new.

Admittedly, I skimmed much of it. His philosophy is so clear and easy to follow. The Elephant in the room is that the challenge is really between Good science vs. It’s a god-awful Appeal to Authority with misused quotes, horrible research, and nothing new. Such an idea is beyond our imagination. Jan 10, Douglas G. If he is not, he should have told us.


God and Stephen Hawking, a Review (John C. Lennox) – Jakub Ferencik – Medium

It seems to me delightfully ironic that, if I dare mention it, no other than William Paley said as much long ago. Sometimes it is okay not to know. Who put it there with all its properties and potential for mathematical description? It does not even explain gravity, as Newton himself realized. From the subtitle of the book it can be supposed what contained it.

Although I did have hawkin read a few passages twice to fully comprehend what was being discussed. Two such events cannot confront each other in rational discourse.

We were always right to think that persons, or universes, who seek to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps are forever doomed to failure. I could go on for hours giving you examples of how over and over again you misunderstand stephn, but Hwking have to finish my homework write a paper on infinite soluble groups.

It hence seems counter-productive to criticize a physicist on how science proves the glory of God in this case the Judeo-Christian God or even the existence of that God because it is purely the work of God that saves the person. As far as we are concerned, miracle means something happens without explicit and rational explanation. Not only that, Hawking, insofar as he is interpreting and applying science to ultimate questions like the existence of God, is doing metaphysics.

So why did I read this book at all?! Prof Lennox shows due deference to the man Prof Hawking and yet at the same time, has capacity and Irish aplomb in denigrating Hawking’s postulates and conclusions.

God and Stephen Hawking, a Review (John C. Lennox)

Lennox argues that often the new atheists assume that to believe in God is to believe in a young earth view, and he shows this is not true. Is the unified theory so compelling that it brings about its own existence? God and Stephen Hawking: I truly think that every home should have a copy of this book! Miracle is another argument not only John Lennox, let alone the believers turn to to believe that God exists.


I do not consider myself a scholar by any means. God to me is a mystery but is the explanation for the miracle of existence—why there is something rather than nothing. Serves as a helpful and consise tool for dialoguing for aetheists, especially his “Two levels of explanation” argument: Let us recognize these speculations for what they are.

Lennox suggests that Hawking posits “a ‘God of the Gaps’, who will increasingly be displaced as the gaps in our knowledge are filled by scientific explanations, lenox hat he will eventually disappear completely,” but I’m still searching for the part that is not evident when looking at history and the development of science.

Become a member Sign in Get started. You say that YA literature is crap philosophy is dead, but your whole review book just reads like the worst kind of YA liter Stephen Hawking evidently enjoys the gentle art of trolling; I reluctantly concede that I am a rank amateur in his august company.

He has debated Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens and lectured in many universities around the world. Gox 26, Preston rated it did not like it. Dec 06, Amy rated it really liked it. Whose Design Is It Hzwking

There is no purely scientific reason to believe in an ensemble of universes. Take, for example, the first author on our list, Francis Collins This was great, but I’m still waiting for more, Lennox!