Image of Hyphessobrycon eques (Jewel tetra). Hyphessobrycon eques Etymology: Hyphessobrycon: Greek, hyphesson, -on, -on = a little smaller + Greek. Characin fish guide for Serpae Tetra, Hyphessobrycon eques profile, Red Minor Tetra Facts, pictures and description, Serpae Tetra care, habitat, and lifespan. Descriptions and articles about the Jewel Tetra, scientifically known as Hyphessobrycon eques in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehensive.

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Bella – If you are talking about the serpae tetra, they are a schooling fish. A few hiding hyphssobrycon would be appreciated. I was successful breeding platys and guppies only because I removed the mother after dropping the babies.

Will a mom platy go after the baby guppies, they are 1 week old, The platy is due anytime.

Smaller fish may become targets for harassment and fin nipping. Head detail; ornamental ‘fairy-fin’ form. Filtering through peat moss can also be helpful.

Serpae tetra

When keeping more sensitive types of fish, it is common for all fishes to be infected even before the first warning signs can be noticed. Smaller fish, especially, may become the targets of relentless harassment and fin nipping. Data provided by FishBase. It is an omnivore and will feed on flake and blood worms.


Like most small tetras this species should be maintained in a group. Some hypgessobrycon aggressive barbs and tetras may pester a goldfish by making them as an itch object. The most common form of this species has a vertically-elongate humeral spot. The Blue shark was being a major bully to my new friend! These tetras like several feedings a day, but offer only what they can consume in 3 minutes or less at each feeding. Karen B – You should hypheasobrycon have a goldfish in with the tropical fish.

Two would hang out on one side and one on the other. DeSalle, – Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 36 1: Not only other fish but plants, substrate, and decorations can harbor bacteria.

This is their normal behavior and by itself need not alarm aquarists. I’m hyhessobrycon to get another tank but if I do he will be all alone so what do I do what do I do untill I get another tank and what do I do hpyhessobrycon I get the tank what fish do I put him with if he will just destroy their fins? They have been happy and no extreme nipping.

Serpae Tetra

I also had a mirror on the back for some of that time. RW – Any goldfish species generally attract nippers. Nate – I added 4 Red Serpa Tetras to my 75 gallon tank and they started of shoaling together very well. Honestly tetras are fish that can easily be overcrowded, you could have 10 inches of tetra per 1 gallon that’s why they have like tetras in a gallon tank in the LFS and the hyphesssobrycon fish stores too. Emmens, Neal Pronek, Jerry G. hyphessobryxon


Serpae Tetra, Hyphessobrycon eques, Red Minor Tetra, Jewel Tetra

Tetras can be easily spooked into hiding, so situate the tank appropriately. A more extensive analysis by Oliveira et al. Their results suggest that Hyphessobrycon is a member of a clade also containing the genera AstyanaxAstyanacinusMoenkhausiaInpaichthysand Hemigrammusof which all species possess five or more teeth in the inner series of the premaxilla. The eggs hatch in about a day. Wild specimen from Mato Grosso state, central Brazil. Add Your Animal Story. Hi, my name is andrea, I have 13 fish in all in my 35 gallon tank.

Characidae Distribution As currently understood see below H. The tank should be well-planted, providing shelter and hiding spots.