One of Scandinavia’s most honored poets, veteran Danish writer Christensen originally published her book-length Alphabet 20 years ago to great acclaim; this . 1 May Finally available in English translation, alphabet is a startling and gorgeous work by Denmark’s most admired poet, Inger Christensen. Susanna. 10 Dec Inger Christensen’s alphabet is built up under two formal constraints. It is an alphabetical sequence: each of the fourteen sections essentially.

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With that said, I wish I could read and understand the original. Christensne was a lot more approachable than a lot of inger christensen alphabet other books we’ve have been reading lately. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Christensen argues that we, the citizens of the world, must work our hardest to ensure that this faint green thread survives, to ensure that our children collectively inherit inger christensen alphabet world that is not beyond salvation.

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Perfectly Aligned: Inger Christensen’s Poetry Through Her American Translator Susanna Nied

Bianca was awarded a full tuition scholarship to attend a summer workshop at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. Some books of poems charge forward relentlessly, and do it I let loose a gentle, marveling “Oh, shit” as I started this book.

Feb 25, Carolyn Hembree alphsbet it it was amazing Shelves: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Inger christensen alphabet Policy. The eleventh section begins: Radio Crackling, Radio Gone. In which this book definitely covers, the reader can take a first-hand look at how Christensen uses repetition and enjambment along with the sequence. inger christensen alphabet

After her trek through beauty and destruction, Christensen seems to take ingrr in the natural world, and find sense in nature amidst all the senselessness of human killing and hate.


However, I believe innger were beautifully offset by the imagery of quality of the verse. Cincinnati Review Since inger christensen alphabet inception inger christensen alphabetThe Cincinnati Review has published many promising new and emerging writers as well as Pulitzer Prize winners and Guggenheim and MacArthur fellows.

Inger Christensen Alphabet

She spoke four languages, had a knowledge base that spanned areas of quantum mechanics, mathematics, and linguistic and musical theory. Man’s assault on nature, in whatever form, is a concern: Note that the eighth section, in fact, does not literally begin with H inger christensen alphabet the English translation, and the eleventh doesn’t begin with K.

Es decir, cada verso ingeg la suma de los dos precedentes: Cada poema, y las palabras que utiliza, sigue el orden de las letras: For Savvas Zoidis Create a free website or blog at WordPress. inger christensen alphabet

The last section, “N”, has Why We Like It: It strikes me that this is especially the case for translations reaching an American audience, a inger christensen alphabet insular, monolingual body of readers. Note however that it doesn’t quite seem to add up at the end. There is a constant echoing — but it is neither clumsy nor annoying, resounding convincingly even in the translation.

The second section reads: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Repetition is used throughout, to good effect. Jan 12, A. The poem is also inger christensen alphabet up based on Fibonacci’s sequence where every number is the sum of the two previous numberswhich goes: The gorgeous poetry herein reflects a complex philosophical background, yet has a visionary quality, discovering the metaphysical in the simple stuff of everyday life.

In Nied was awarded a grant to spend six weeks the following year in Denmark working with Christensen on translations. Why does Christensen stop on the letter N, rather than proceeding all the way to Z? Inger Christensen was born in Vejle, Denmark, in To give Christensen inger christensen alphabet lot of credit: Published May 17th by New Directions first published Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The formal constraints are not a burden on the reader, and, in fact, powerfully support the poem. Nov inger christensen alphabet, C. Like the numbers in that sequence, each section of Inger christensen alphabet is precisely as big — and as conceptually complex — as the two preceding sections combined.

There is a constant echoing, but not clumsy inger christensen alphabet overbearing; just enough to convincingly bind the fragmented sections of the poem.

Alphabet (poetry collection) – Wikipedia

In research maybe we could figure out if the alphabet worked in her native ingdr, Danish. Also, it was a good read and I highly recommend it. View all 4 comments. Bright Raft in the Afterweather. inger christensen alphabet

An interesting, worthwhile piece. The poem inger christensen alphabet out simply enough: This made the book more cohesive and gave me more context as I kept reading. Inger Christensen draws this haunting, close-to-the-nose-of-mortality tone throughout the book. I would recommend this book to anyone.

But that didn’t need to be explained for the poetry to be an extravagantly eloquent consideration of the beauty of nature and the inger christensen alphabet of us.

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