Gnostics have always sought to “know” rather than to accept dogma and doctrine, often to their peril. This inquiry into Gnosticism examines the character, history. Jacques Lacarrière was a French writer, born in Limoges. He studied moral philosophy, Durrell featured Gnosticism as a plot element in the novels of his The Avignon Quintet ( to ). He also wrote a “Foreword” to the English. JACQUES LACARRIERE. The Gnostics. Foreword by. LAWRENCE DURRELL. Translated from the French by. NINA ROOTES.

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Since man, in their view, is a fragment lacarriiere the universe, and since the body of the one and the space of the other proceed from a simple material, both must obey the same laws. May 24, Seth rated it it was amazing. A magnificent, lyrical and thought provoking essay.

The Gnostics

Modernity has changed the way people live as much as the Agriculture Revolution alongside the rise of Empire once did. While the next two parts of the book centre around Gnosticism’s historical origins and developments, it remains loaded with sentiment exemplified by the above, which to me seems appropriate: It lacarrifre released again inagain by Fayard.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A fine and erudite meditation on a certain curious strain of thought It hangs over use like a veil, a wall of shadow encircling the earth, a tenebrous dome through which appear, here and there, through chinks, faults and gaps, the glittering fires of another world. Is the ‘real’ sky nothing but its light, these winking eyes on the ocean of night, or is it at one and the same time that which shines and that which does not, a fire flaming and dark by turns?


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Robert Stiles rated it really liked it Dec 28, City Lights Pocket Poets. Lacarriere is particularly well informed about the various currents and undercurrents of Gnosticism, and their perennial importance for the religious and the mystic mind.

Jacques Lacarrière – Wikipedia

Reading it again, I do remember the beauty of the writer’s thoughts. Views Read Edit View history.

It is beautifully written. Some of them are presented something as poets of religious doctrines rather than religious leaders.

The Gnostics : Jacques Lacarriere :

To be honest, I doubt this is an objective depiction of the gnostics. History is written by the victors and Christianity stomped Gnosticism out millenia ago. One thousand kilometers by foot across France. Fivedollarfrankie rated it it was amazing Dec 20, I include this book in my list of books of reading for insomnia gnostucs a sort of collection of books which come to my mind when I think of that liminal space between dreaming and being barely This is the second time I’ve read this book; the first time was about a decade ago.

Jacques Lacarrière

This inquiry into Gnosticism examines the character, history, and beliefs of a brave and vigorous spiritual quest that originated in the ancient Near East and continues into the present lacarriete. Is this dark shore, this tenebrous issue, this interstitial shadow wherein the stars seem pricked like incandescent pores, constituted of matter or of space?


Gnostics gnoatics always sought to “know” rather than to accept dogma and doctrine, often to their peril. His body was cremated and his jcques scattered in Greecein the waters off the island of Spetses. Lacarriere nicely conveys the alienated horror the ancient Gnostics felt for the world around them.

Jul 02, Tod Jones rated it it was amazing. Dec 15, Rrisher rated it it was amazing Shelves: Christopher Kelly rated it really liked it Sep 07, Of interest to ethnographers and ecologists is his Chemin faisant: Jun 05, Ben rated it really liked it.

Nikki Owens rated it really liked it Jan 14, And it seems that what struck these men most forcibly, as they watched throughout the Egyptian nights, is the dark portion of the sky–the vastness, the omnipresence, the heavy opacity of that blackness.

The writer had met English author Lawrence Durrell inwho had been studying some Gnostic texts hnostics the early s. City Lights Books Amazon.

To be vast is good. The Paths of Gnosticism.