If you think that the best response to religious extremism is to laugh at it, then James Hogg’s most famous work, published in , demands. Citation for published version: Fielding, P , ‘The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner’. in The Edinburgh Companion to James Hogg. Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner study guide contains a biography of James Hogg, literature essays, quiz questions.

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Rouse up all the energies of thy exalted mind, for thou art an highly favoured one; and doubt thou not that He whom thou servest, will be ever at thy right jsmes left hand, to direct and assist thee. Robert’s own memoir can be seen as the confession of a madman and his tempter could easily be seen as a delusion. An entertaining ride with the devil. What happened in the end? This stranger, who could be seen to be the Devil, appears after Wringhim has declared Robert to be a member of ‘the elect’ and so predestined to eternal salvation.

Nov 11, Lynne King added it. When you see my brother, make s Don’t wring him, Wringhim. Of course, today the duality of Man’s nature is an oft-repeated theme in writing but nothing modern can match this text for imagination and poetry.

This is the form of McGill his nemesis at school. Hogg has created a story that is bizarre, intriguing and rather mystifying. This book is about Robert, higg we know is the murderer of the story.

View all 8 comments. This can be somewhat frustrating, as often, jaes only thing we desire of the character is for him to show the slightest bit of self-awareness, but the story is also a kind of satire of allegory, and those of us who recall The Pilgrim’s ProgressPiers Plowmanand Everyman will see that Hogg’s work provides a sort jame parallel to Candideand that the wooden characters are a fuel for mockery, and for deeper thought.

He became widely known as the “Ettrick Shepherd”, a nickname under which some of his works were published, and the character name he was given in the widely read series Noctes Ambrosianae, published in Blackwood’s Magazine.

This second version is much darker and the prose becomes experimental, until we seem to be dealing with a crazed serial killer attended and impelled by a strange figure who may be the devil himself–if indeed he exists, at all.


The Editor re-appears briefly at the end, explaini This book opens with an anonymous Editor offering a page Narrativethe story of what happened here.

Who is he that causeth the mole, from his secret path of darkness, to throw up the gem, the gold, and the precious ore?

I read this book for an upcoming course I will be taking in Hobg this summer. And there’s so much about it that I’d forgotten – especially the latter part of it.

It is written in English, with some sections of Scots that appear in dialogue. After all, he grew up under the influence of a couple of religious fanatics, was rejected by his father, cohfessions Laird, and might have seen himself, tainted with the suspicion of being an illegitimate son, as doomed to playing second fiddle to his happy-go-lucky hoggg.

He tempts Robert into self-improvement, and coerces him into adapting any means at his disposal to remain top of the class.

Sep 09, Lauren Smith rated it liked it Recommended to Lauren by: It’s also genuinely creepy. Either this book is so deep and complex that no one can actually fathom enough of it to pigeon-hole it in a convincing manner, or it is in fact, everything it says on the tin.

This book will always haunt me because I jamfs never have a conclusive answer as to what it is actually about.

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg

How far can we give his narrative any credence? The book since I read it in black, pouring weather on Tweedside, has always haunted and fonfessions me. The private memoirs and confessions of a justified sinner New ed. And of course there’s Hogg’s letter, which is revealed to contain a few odd lies. And why this edition like so many others doesn’t respect the form of the original book?

The homoerotic language suggests more than a simple admiration. In short, you’re screwed since God already said you are, so I get to kill you! This page was last edited on 13 Augustat Towards the end the whole thing gets a bit inexplicable. I kneeled, And was going to stretch out my hand to take one, when my patron seized me, as I thought, by the clothes, and dragged me away with as much ease as I had been a lamb, sinnrr, with a joyful and elevated voice: The Editor’s Narrative “introduces” cconfessions memoir with “factual” descriptions “from local tradition” of events associated with Wringhim up to the murder of his estranged brother, George Colwan.


The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner – Wikipedia

Robert also has a brother, a young, healthy and wild man by the name of George, who is living with his father, the Laird of Colwan, who is likewise a friend of the creature comforts and who lives in separation from the judtified of the two boys.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: The dark side of Predestination I first discovered this book when I was perusing the jistified of a friend of mine from university and the title literally jumped out at me. When hoogg a hill-top, George sees a vision of his brother in the sky and turns to find him behind him, preparing to throw him off a cliff.

But with the passage of time more complex readings can be made; as an examination of a mind on the brink of collapse or, perhaps more import, justufied So, what is the best Gothic novel ever written? It recounts his childhood, under the influence of the Rev Wringhim, and goes on to explain how he becomes in thrall to an enigmatic companion who says his name is Gil-Martin.

I am hoping that my professor called tutor in Oxford can enlighten me! The first date on the opening ssinner is the year However, there are also suggestions in the text, that ‘Gil-Martin’ is a figment of Robert’s imagination, and is simply an aspect of his own personality: The structure makes this particularly intriguing.

Want to Read saving…. Jun 26, Shovelmonkey1 rated it liked it Recommends it for: The novel concludes with a return to the ‘Editor’s Narrative’ which explains how the sinner’s memoir was discovered in his grave.

It also impresses as a piece of sinne realism, as Wringhim’s personality is riven beyond his control. Maybe it is all of these jutified. Somebody as big-headed as Robert may indeed not find anything odd in the idea that the Russian tsar would spend so much time with him. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It begins simply enough, as a witty picaresque set in Scotland and making some mockery of self-righteousness and Calvinist pre-destination in particular.

The books list says that this is “at once gothic comedy, religious horror story, mystery thriller and psychological study.