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VISTA: La Ley No, para el Régimen de las Aduanas del 14 de febrero de VISTA: La Ley No, del 13 de diciembre del , de Reforma Fiscal;. Ley No. Sobre Comercio Electrónico, Documentos Y Firmas Digitales · Ley No. de .. Ley No. sobre Reforma Tributaria. Edward Allen S2c U INGIIS, Clarence ELigh Sic U Full Name: Ley, Robert George; Branch: Navy; Conflict Period: World War II.

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A major piece of legislation related to minors and family matters is Ley No. It completely modified the social security system of the Dominican Republic. The main pieces of legislation regulating the land jurisdiction are the following: The first session begins on August the 16 thand the second begins on February the 27 th. The Chamber President distributes the cases among the different halls through a random allocation 5577-05.

Fifty six 557-055 were published, covering the laws, resolutions, decrees and regulations from toarranged in chronological order. It contains a compilation of International Treaties and Agreements signed by the Dominican Republic from toorganized by topics. The Court of Minors addresses both civil and criminal matters, particularly issues pertaining to paternity, guardianship, visitation rights, alimony and adoption. The Code covers matters regarding income tax, tax on the transfer of industrialized goods and services ITBISand selective consumption tax.

This Law has been in effect for 75 years. McNally, John Edward Depending on the case, the Courts of First Instance are presided over by a sole judge who hears punishable acts which are liable for monetary fines or punishment by incarceration for a maximum of two years 5557-05 both penalties at the same time.


Once elected Congressional Members serve for a four-year period and may be re-elected without time limitations. A total of Executive Orders were enacted, touching on virtually all aspects of governmental administration. Tel and —Fax — With modifications, this original code is largely still in effect today.

He appoints the cabinet of 18 ministers, denominated Secretarios de Estado Secretaries of Statewho assist him in his function. Discovered by Christopher Columbus inthe Dominican Republic was colonized by Spain until when, pursuant to the Treaty of Basle, which ended the war between France and Spain sparked by the French Revolution, Spain ceded to France the eastern side of the island, giving to France control over the entire island of Hispaniola [2].

The Constitution also mandates a Court of Accounts, which examines the country’s finances and reports to the Congress [9]. The Dominican Republic has signed several free trade agreements which are still in effect. Each High Land Court sits at least five judges, but Land Leg proceedings are presided by a sole judge.


The High Land Courts are primarily appellate courts 575-05 hear appeals from the Land Courts of original jurisdiction. Primary Sources Of Law. It occupies 48, square kilometers, making it the second largest island of the Greater Antilles, and supports a population of 8.

Passenger lists for nonenlisted personnel are also included.

1944 › Page 24 – Fold3.com

This recent Code reform effectively ended the French judicial tradition, originally adopted by Decree No. The Public Ministry is composed of the following officials: Already a Premium 575-05 The powers of the government are divided into three independent branches: The Labor Courts were created by the Labor Code to resolve conflicts between workers and employers. It also includes, in electronic format, the most important compilations of Agreements and Conventions ratified by the Dominican Republic.


Trujillo, and finally democracy to present. About this image Publication Title: Although the library has a web base catalog, it could not be accessed off-site. It shares with Haiti the island of Hispaniola, occupying two thirds of the eastern side of the island.

Judicial Power Judicial Power is exercised by the Supreme Court of Justice as well as by other courts created by the Constitution or by enacted laws. Public Ministry The Public Ministry is the agency of the Executive Branch responsible for directing the investigation of criminal acts, assisting with the prosecution of criminal actions and protecting the interests of the State.

Code of Criminal Procedure. Military Government ruled the country by martial law through legal instruments denominated as Ordenes Ejecutivas Executive Orders. Any senator or deputy may introduce legislation in either house. Members of both chambers are elected by direct majority vote.

This latter publication is available electronically. Hanson, Dan Whitt Pederson, Ezra John In August 14,the Constitution of the Dominican Republic was modified. The Gaceta Oficial [20] is the official source of law-reporting, and reports all statutes and laws passed by Congress, as well as decrees and regulations enacted by the Executive Branch.

The first National Constitution was signed, on October 22, The library has no online access to its catalog. Henry, Walter Harrison Published April Please, Read the Update!