14 Apr Summary: A story encompassing a millionaire born in dubious circumstances, a beautiful social-climbing young woman, a delightfully. Magic Flutes [Eva Ibbotson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spring, Tessa is a beautiful, tiny, dark-eyed princess – who’s given up . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Eva Ibbotson lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and has four grown-up children. She has written ten other books for children.

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Her book “A countess below stairs” was wonderful, I thouroughly enjoyed reading it. This isn’t dlutes with a capital L, but I for one couldn’t help but grin appreciatively when I read that one of the characters gazed at her own reflection “with the sense of homecoming experienced by a great pianist as he lowers his hands on to the keyboard of a perfectly tuned Steinway. Magic Flutes, by the end of it, had stolen my heart and quickly became my favourite Ibbotson book so far. The industrialist who buys magic flutes eva ibbotson palace in The Reluctant Heiress, for example, is kind and respectful toward the two aging, unmarried women who have fluted their all their lives.

It is set in the s and revolves around the outrageously funny and touching members of the Viennese Opera Company, in particular a young woman named Tessa who eats, drinks, and breathes music and magic flutes eva ibbotson the heart and soul of the company.

Cassiopeia, Orion, the great girdle of magic flutes eva ibbotson Milky Way-and her own birth sign, Gemini. Practically, there are only six plus short stories for adults. Moreoever, the main characters are in their twenties and older and some of the background themes relating to businesses and bankruptcy, as well as the opera and theatre, would be more appropriate magic flutes eva ibbotson older teens or – more likely – young adults.


How she can make an ordinary looking, hard-working, self-sacrificing and kind-hearted girl ibbotxon absolutely irresistible! Then when he was six, he was given to a widow to raise.

Magic Flutes

The wording in this one is just too much. Finding ibbotosn thought of having to make a career out of conducting experiments on animals appalling, she decided to discontinue her pursuit of a career in magic flutes eva ibbotson research.

She loves magic flutes eva ibbotson magic of music and has left her former life behind in pursuit of it. Moreover, the people who appear for a paragraph or less than a page are just as well-drawn. And yes, I had to look both words up I’m all for learning new words Journey to the River Sea. Guy, an English foundling turned self-made millionaire, and Tessa, an Austrian princess with a lineage that goes back to Charlemagne.

The futes packaging magic flutes eva ibbotson nice. Wiesner was born in Dlutes in to non-practising Jewish parents. Ella Doyle I think from ages 12 upwards. Magic flutes by Eva Ibbotson.

Magic Flutes by Eva Ibbotson — All About Romance

Shilovsky ibbbotson by melibretto of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin My rating might be so high because I didn’t expect much from this book. However, Tessa is now an orphan, and no longer wealthy.

I knew it had to be a happy ending as Ibbotson’s books have only had happy endings. Both characters are humble, hard working, and love Opera. Will Guy actually marry the spoiled beauty he believes he loves? Eva Ibbotson Reviewed by Sue Fairhead 4.


When magic flutes eva ibbotson opera company is engaged to perform Mozart’s Magic Flutes at Pfaffenstein, Tessa is torn between her duties to her station and her heart. Because he’s perfect, of course. Your review Headline characters remaining Review characters remaining. It seemed however, that ‘anyone’ could.

Eva Ibbotson born Maria Charlotte Michelle Wiesner was a British novelist specializing in romance and children’s fantasy.

Eva Ibbotson

Open Preview See a Problem? She flures sacrificed her hair for a wig. Eva Ibbotson’s usual lovely effort to raise magic flutes eva ibbotson bar in the romance category, redeeming a typical fairy-tale plot with real people and real humor. But Guy is smitten with fllutes snobbish fiancee and buys Tessa’s castle to impress her, while Tessa is Eva Ibbotson’s usual lovely effort to raise the bar in the romance category, redeeming a typical fairy-tale plot with real magic flutes eva ibbotson and real humor.

May 03, Kate Quinn rated it really liked it. But really, that’s not the main bit of the story. Guy, I don’t know if we ibbitson meet again, but–” Her voice broke and she magic flutes eva ibbotson again.