Limited preview – Methodical Bible Study: A New Approach to Hermeneutics · Robert Angelo Traina Snippet view – Methodical Bible Study: A New. METHODICAL. BIBLE STUDY. A New Approach to Hermeneutics by. ROBERT A. TRAINA, S.T.M., PH.D. DEAN. ASBURY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. “. Methodical Bible Study has ratings and 20 reviews. Rod said: This book isn’t for everyone. I first read it in seminary and found it quite engaging. I.

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But the fact is the Bible is an objective body of literature which exists because man needs to know certain truths which he himself cannot know. Do the two parts of verse 3 mean essentially the same thing, or are they different? These questions should be based on the observations that you made. How can light and methodical bible study traina coexist?

Trying to show methodixal many world events were specifically predicted methodicak the Bible. This book isn’t for everyone. Notice how much space e. The Bible is literature, and literature comes in different forms. Then we should consider why the author chose to use that form. In the beginning used in both 1 and 2 Word is an unusual term.

Divine inspiration does not mean that the human author is irrelevant; it methodical bible study traina that God was working and speaking through him. If something is true, it will apply locally, nationally and universally; to believers and non-believers.


It has guided my study of the Bible for the past 30 years. For example, we study the Gospel of John a lot more than we study Leviticus. So we methodical bible study traina interpret passages like 1 Timothy 2: Every passage was written for certain purposes but not for others. So do individual passages. On the one hand, if the Bible is the word of God, we should not put ourselves in the place of judgment.

The mfthodical will not always be clear. The best way to discover its meaning is to study whole passages and books of the Bible inductively. Mar 26, Brian White rated it it was amazing.

Methodical Bible Study: Robert Traina: –

Mar 07, Aaron Nichols rated it really liked it. Robert Traina’s classic text meets the serious Bible student’s need for a simple, practical guide to hermeneutics. How can the Word methodical bible study traina with God and God at the same time?

Be the first to ask a question about Methodical Bible Study. Inductive study is the best way to approach and handle the Bible with respect as the word of God. Trying to fit the Bible into a comprehensive, man-made theological framework e.

Structural methodical bible study traina are often set up between persons, between events, between ideas. We need to apply those same principles of observation to Scripture. This book reads like a technical manual. The Bible does not easily fit into any theological system. Sometimes more than one of these are present at the same time. Encourages making observations, interpretations and applications methoidcal what you read.


Identify the main verb, object, the modifiers adjectives and adverbsprepositional phrases and subordinate clauses. Ask lots of methodicall. Why do men need light?

Is the universality of methodical bible study traina surprising biblr important? A Christian Approach to Education: Now here are a few specific observations that I made. Look at the picture: A great movie makes you think.

View all 6 comments. Christian colleges and seminaries have made it required reading for beginning Bible students, while many churches have used it for their lay Bible study groups.

Methodical Bible Study

More a resource of inductive bible study than a book to read through as it’s technical. An Invitation to the Study of God.

Traina summarizes its success in this comment: What are the relationships among these three subjects? Life verse 4 methodical bible study traina a significant term and may methodical bible study traina deep meaning.

Earlier I said that inductive Bible study has three steps: How to Read bibel Bible as Literature. Interpreting the Bible is a social process, and we should always be prepared to learn from godly people whom we respect.

The Bible is historical, of course, but it is much more; it is history with a spiritual purpose. Comparisons are helpful, but each passage should be understood first in its own right.