Pasto pangola (Digitaria decumbens, Stent). Translate with. google-logo. translator. This translation tool is powered by Google. FAO is not responsible for the. Start Page: End Page: ill. All titles: ” Produccion de carne con pasto pangola (Digitaria decumbens) solo o asociado con leguminosas tropicales “. Valor nutritivo del pasto pangola (Digitaria decumbens stent.) vr. transvala a distintos niveles de fertilizaci√≥n y diversas edades de corte []. Rivas Bejarano.

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Evaluation of three tropical grasses. Fertilizer sulphur as a factor affecting voluntary intake, pasto pangola and retention time of pangola grass Digitaria decumbens by sheep.

Pasto Pangola (Digitaria Eriantha) by on Prezi

The first and second cuttings typically produce the highest yields, while the next three averages about the same amount. Seasonal productivity and nutritive value of 5 tropical grasses pasto pangola Martinique.

Pangola grass Digitaria decumbensStent. Effect pasto pangola stocking rate on the location of storage carbohydrates in the stubble of tropical grasses.

Digitaria eriantha

Pastos y Forrajes, 8 1: Differences between sheep and cattle in digestibility, pasto pangola intake and retention time in the rumen of three tropical grasses.


Pangola grass is used extensively for pasture, hay and silage. Productive performance of rabbits reared in different populations densities. Pangola grass pastures are also more productive during the warm season, and they can withstand high stocking pasto pangola, trampling, and day rotations. Hall Pasto pangola valida Stent Syntherisma erianthum Steud. The leaf blades are cm long, mm wide, pxsto or hairy. It is generally considered to have low shade tolerance Ecocrop, Coast cross 1 and Cynodon nlemfuensis under grazing conditions.

The pasto pangola value of some tropical grasses. Legon Agricultural Research Bulletin, 1: Effect of different species and mixtures of pastures on milk production. This taxon comprises many morphologically different pasto pangola that were once and sometimes still are considered to be separate pantola. It is tolerant of drought but low rainfall is the main limiting factor for production range and yield.

Valor nutritivo de los pastos tropicales. II. Pasto pangola (Digitaria decumbens, Stent)

Tufted types generally combine well with other crops, more specifically legumes. Creating downloadable prezi, pasto pangola patient. Digitaria eriantha is considered to be of very high quality within the class of tropical grasses.

The Plant Pasto pangola pangkla Forage yield and nutritive value of Eragrostis curvula and Digitaria eriantha in central-south semi-arid Argentina. Evaluation of mixtures of grasses and legumes with dairy cattle. Digit grass is also quite tolerant of flooding and waterlogging.


Digitaria erianthacommonly known as digitgrass [3] or Pangola-grass[4] is a grass grown in tropical and subtropical climates. Extent of digestion and rumen condition as factors affecting passage of liquid and digesta pasto pangola in sheep. Paturages et alimentation des ruminants en zone tropicale humide, pasto pangola, The effects of Gliricidia supplementation on intake and digestion of psato Digitaria decumbens hay by Black-belly sheep.

Agro, Dominican Republic, 12 Grass legume associations for meat production of creole goats: Effect of copra expeller pellet supplementation on the flow of nutrients from the rumen of sheep fed pasto pangola pangola grass Digitaria decumbens. Digit grass is attacked by white-backed planthopper Sogatella furcifera or S. Growth of pasto pangola grazed solely on tropical grasses.