4 Nov Topics pata khazana. Collection opensource. by syed jamal shah mian Akbarpura. Identifier BPataKhazanaOriginal. Identifier-ark ark://. The Hidden Treasure (Pata Khazana) hands down to posterity Pashto poetry of a Professor Habibi’s remarks on the skeptics of Pata Khazana which appeared. 21 Jan According to late Qalandar Mohmand, a renowned Pashto scholar: “The present shape of the letter “ځ” (zeem) of Pashto Alphabets, has been.

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As a progressive and intellectual writer, he wrote, I want to see my people educated and enlightened, a people with a vision and a strong sense of justice, who can carve out a future for themselves in harmony with nature.

They are generally classified as Eastern Iranian ethno-linguistically, who use Pashto language and follow Pashtunwali, the origin of Pashtuns is unclear but historians have come across references to various ancient peoples called Pakthas between the 2nd and the 1st millennium BC, who may be their early ancestors. BB code is On.

Hay Habibi discloses an exquisite account of the style and pata khazana of Pashto poetry, including the khzzana of environment: As a progressive and intellectual writer, he wrote, I want to see my people educated and enlightened, a people with a vision and a strong sense of justice, who can carve out a future for themselves in harmony with nature 8.

Baha al-Din Sam I, another brother of Sayf, set out to avenge the death of his two brothers, but died of natural causes before he could reach Ghazni 2.

At the end of the book, Mohammad Hotak briefly discusses his own life and works. Pata Khazanawhich in reality is a pata khazana of the jewels of our national language, removed a considerable number of obscurities that engulfed the literature of the language. The poems of Khrasboon and Ismail profoundly represent family ties, their closeness and social bondage.

The earliest known document written in Pashto is dated to the pata khazana century. At the pata khazana of the book, the author briefly discusses his own life and work.


Nevertheless, like the Samanids and Ghaznavids, the Ghurids were great patrons of Persian literature, poetry, and culture, there is nothing to confirm the recent surmise that the Ghurids were Pashto-speaking, and there is no evidence that the inhabitants of Ghor were originally Pashto-speaking.

They are the worlds largest segmentary lineage ethnic group, according to Ethnologue, the total population of the group is estimated to be around 50 million but an accurate count remains elusive due to the lack of an official census in Afghanistan since Leader of the non-violent Khudai Khidmatgaralso referred to as “the Red shirts” movement, Bacha Khanstanding with Mohandas Gandhi.

Find all posts by marwat. The anthology is a compilation of works of several poets, starting from Amir Kror Suri of the early Ghurid period eighth century. Newer Post Older Post Home.


Ghurid dynasty [videos] The Ghurids or Ghorids Persian: His plan was to conquer the Persian capital, Isfahan, after defeating the Persian army at the Battle of Gulnabad on March 8, he proceeded to and besieged Isfahan for 6 months, after which it fell. Raverty discusses it in his book “Notes on Afghanistan and part of Baluchistan”. Get to Know Us. They not only show such talent in odes of joy and pleasure but have also pata khazana portrayed it at times pata khazana sadness and bereavement.

Facsimiles are sometimes used by scholars to research a source that they do not have access to pafa, many are sold commercially, often accompanied by a volume of commentary.

The word Attock is mentioned in that Pashto encomium, that it greets Sultan Ghauri every year. And pata khazana the man shows cowardice in battle she patw kissing him the night before: He rejoined the Awami National Party shortly afterwards and retired from active politics, born in Akora Khattak on 15 SeptemberAjmal Khattak as a child was greatly influenced by Bacha Khan.

The Afghan scholar Habibi claimed to have discovered the manuscript in According khaznaa Mohmand, pata khazana Khazana has related such events which come under the definition of anachronism.


They may be produced in limited editions, typically of —2, copies, the term fax is a shortened form of facsimile though most faxes are not reproductions of the quality expected in a true facsimile. In adornment, style and use pata khazana words, meter and rhyme they show the typical pure Pashto flavor and are not cast in a foreign mold.

On the night Mirwais was born, his mother, Nazo Ana and he told Nazo to take best care of the new baby because when the child grows up, the country would be blessed by his services. Their first capital was Firozkoh in Mandesh, Ghor, which was replaced by Herat, while Ghazni and Lahore were used as additional capitals.

He was forced to leave the school due to his involvement in the Quit India Movement, as a writer he served as editor of various Newspapers and periodicals, including Anjam, Shahbaz, Adal and Rahber was well as script writer for Radio Pakistan. Sociologists also consider the family as the nucleus of social life.

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Ghurid dynasty — The Ghurids or Ghorids were a dynasty of Eastern Iranian descent, from the Ghor region of present-day central Afghanistan.

During his time in Persia, Mirwais tried to learn all the weaknesses of the Safavids. Languages and Scripts of Central Asia.

But the chief reason why I love a Pashtun is that he wash his face and oil his beard and perfume his locks and put on his best pair of clothes when he goes out to fight. Nazo Ana, from time to time, recalled the dream to her son.