ABSTRACT: The paper has discussed Ghana’s PNDC Law and related it to international human rights instruments such as the African Charter and the. 30 Nov The PNDC law , is a Ghanaian law, which was passed in and amended in It is a right to property law, which protects the spouse. 16 Mar It was the need to stop this injustice against women and children that led to the enactment of P.N.D.C. Law In my view, however, this Law.

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She had no formal education at all. There is a reserved portion of the estate, to ensure that some categories of people are not excluded from the will. Any order made by the court in relation to the petition is published. It still has some ambiguous and controversial provisions over which lawmakers, as well as gender activists, are yet to reach a consensus. It was the need to stop this injustice against women and children that led to pndc law 111 enactment of P. Thanks to 1111 explanation, I see that the law in itself us good, but Women are unable to pnvc out and speak Already have an account?

The Law provides a uniform intestate succession regulation pndc law 111 Ghana.

Moslems urged to kick against PNDC Law 111

Thompson so no member of the family raised any objection. These traditional succession plans instill fear in women. If a husband buys property in pndc law 111 name of his wife, the husband is presumed to have intended the property as a gift for his wife. Pndc law 111 High Court has jurisdiction to take decisions about kaw in Ghana owned by foreigners.

Inheritance tax and law

How can two wives who are not pndc law 111 good terms agree to use 1111 only vehicle the man left behind? A trustee can be appointed in the will by the testator to protect the interests of minors or persons not of legal age who inherit property in Ghana. That’s a great idea Doreen! Together, they worked hard and invested in his education. If pndc law 111 you have today is a single bedroom house, you can make a will. But how can the surviving spouse prove that they contributed, if they did not keep receipts of the building materials they purchased towards the building of the house?


Title Deeds confer the legal title lw property to named individuals, but other persons, such as minors and other legal incompetents, may have pndc law 111 interests, and trustees may hold equitable interests in property pnxc other persons.

Intestate Succession Law, (PNDCL ).

The witnesses are also required to attest and sign the will in the presence of the testator, but no legal form of attestation is necessary. In order to promote open and spam-free pndc law 111, Global Property Guide moderates commetns on all articles.

In addition, a special type of court should be created where such cases would be arbitrated speedily so as to protect women. The Intestate Succession Pndc law 111, P. One example of such traditional succession plans is wife inheritance commonly practiced in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Username Password Remember Me Log in. The applicable law for the execution of a will is influenced by the personal law of the testator, such as customary law; Mohammedan law if Muslim; Common Law; or the law of another jurisdiction. How can they share without any dispute?

The law also came with its own 11 of complications and problems. What tradition and cultural norms are contending with this law If a husband can show that he made a substantial contribution to the acquisition of property in the name of his wife, lwa could obtain an order of the Court decreeing that his wife holds the Title Deeds to the property in trust for himself.

Login Not a member Register. I went through the law, pndc law 111 it looks good to me. Claire August 18, Can a foreigner purchase land that 1111 gold mining pndc law 111 in Ghana? General Lae of Monday, pndx August Pndc law 111 Ghanaian law is emphatic that, in relation to immovable property, the law of the place where the property is located is applicable.


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Most property in Ghana pndc law 111 be given freely to anyone during the lifetime of its owner. Fiifi Oduro-Nyarkoh 29 November, Doreen Anene 29 November, Pndc law 111 oaw high legal fees, delays with court action, ignorance of human rights and lack of knowledge on PNDCL Wills are not for only men to make. This sounds like a good idea in cases where the deceased and his spouse built their dream house and lived in alone with their kids.

Government to Amend PNDC Law – Government of Ghana

Please login to continue. What she could not accept was how she and her children would share the property they had sacrificed and toiled to acquire with these complete pndc law 111, strangers who reminded her 1111 pain and betrayal. This means they will have unquestionable and equal rights of pndc law 111 of the properties and can either distribute them to their successors or even give them out as gifts.

This was so because the courts held in Kwakye Versus Tuba that religious law cannot be the personal law of any Ghanaian, unless a statute provided it for.

The boys were a carbon copy of Mr. The giving of property to which other people have interests is restricted by law, and cannot contravene co-ownership arrangements. You can expect that your comment will be published within 24 hours. Here too there should be proof of joint acquisition. For your quality printing and other services. The Court, pndc law 111 necessary, looks beyond Title Deeds to establish pndc law 111 of property.