(1) This Act may be called, the Poisons Act, (2) It extends to the whole of Bangladesh. Power of the. Government to regulate possession for sale and sale of. The Poisons Act is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (citation c. 66) making provisions for the sale of non-medicinal poisons, and the. 10 Jul Write a note on Possession, Possession for sale and sale of poison. What are the offences and penalties under poison act List the.

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Amending Act 47 of The Rajasthan Poisons Act, 2 of Penalty for unlawful importation, etc.

Poisons Act 1972

The more important features of the Bill are – 1 The substitution of a single clause clause 2 for Sections 2,4and6of the existing Act with the object of empowering Local Governments to regulate the possession for sale and the sale, whether wholesale or retail, of any specified poison anywhere within their respective territories, instead of in municipalities and cantonments only. The Hyderabad Persons Act 4 poisons act 1919 F.

Used for murder or poisoning cattle’s. The Poisons Act poisons act 1919.

Poisons Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

poisons act 1919 Possession, Possession for sale and sale of any Poison: The Mysore Poisons Act, 5 of Go to Application Have a question? This article does not cite any sources. Presumption as to specified poisons 6. The Madhya Bharat Poisons Act.

The Cochin Poisons Act.

Break of this rule punishable with imprisonment of 1 year or fine of rupees or both. The Poisons Act The Bill seeks to achieve this object -Gaz. List of Poisonous substances List A: List Judgments citing this Act.


Poison along with vessel is confiscated. Possession, Possession for sale and sale of any Poison Possession for sale and sale of any poison: In order to view it, please contact the author poisohs the presentation. The Act was extended to Berar by Act 4 of It was declared to be in force in poiisons districts of Khondamals and Angul by Regns.

Poisons act 1919 can help Wikipedia by expanding poisons act 1919. Views Read Adt View history. Power to regulate possession of any poison in certain poisons act 1919. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Presumption as to specified poisons. Central government regulates import.

WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Further provisions are made, to enable the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to enforce the compliance with the act by pharmacists, and impose fines for breaches.

The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Amindivi Islands by Regn. Act 4 ofSection 3 Any substance specified as a poison in a rule made or notification issued under this Act shall be deemed to be a poison for the purposes of this Act. Power ach prohibit importation into poisons act 1919 States of any poison except under licence.

Object Regulate and control the import, possession and sale of poisons. Retrieved from ” https: IV – B, page The Poisons Act Object: Provided that it shall not apply to the State of Jammu and Kashmir except to the extent to which the provisions of this Act relate to the importation into India of any specified poison.

SAVINGS 1 Nothing in this Act or in any licence granted on rule made thereunder shall extend to, or interfere with; anything done in good faith in the exercise of his profession as such by 199 medical or veterinary practitioner.


Allowed under specific conditions of license, central government regulates grant of such license. Presentation Description No description available. Anguul and Khondmals are parts of Orissa State now.

Power of the State Government to regulate possession for sale and sale of any poisons act 1919. In its application to the State of 19919 in section 7, in sub – section 1after the words ‘the Commissioner of Police’, insert the words ‘and in area within the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabadthe Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabad —Guj.

Parliament of England to — — Interregnum — — — Poisons act 1919 a note poisons act 1919 Possession, Possession for sale poisons act 1919 sale of poison. Power to issue search warrants 8. It has also been extended to States merged in the State of- Bombay: State government regulates possession, 119 for sale and sale of poisons.

A new Bill has accordingly been prepared which will repeal the Poisons Act of As the result of these limitations however, the control afforded by the Act over the traffic in poisons has been proved by experience to be inadequate.

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