Many young composers are under the impression that since tertian harmony is based on thirds, that quartal harmony is a replacement, being based on fourths. 22 Sep An important part of more modern sounding jazz solos is often the use of quartal harmony. In this lesson I am going to take 2 exercises and 5. 8 Jun Using Quartal Harmony on the guitar is a great way to tap in to the modern jazz chords. In this video I am going to show you how you can use.

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As with diatonic tertian quartal harmony, diatonic quartal chords can be formed by harmonising a scale or mode.

Quartal and quintal harmony

As quartal harmony, the intervals of the major second, perfect fourth, and minor seventh all can be considered consonances – intervals that no longer need resolution.

Jazz was well-suited to incorporate the medieval use of fourths to thicken lines into its improvisation. In the work Paul Dukas ‘s The Sorcerer’s Apprenticewe hear a rising repetition in fourths, as the tireless work of out-of-control walking quartal harmony causes the water level in quartal harmony house to “rise and rise”.

On his watershed record Kind of BlueMiles Davis with pianist Bill Evans used a chord consisting of three perfect fourth quartal harmony and a major third on the composition ” So What “. While triadic harmony is based on the chord made of three stacked thirds and its extensions further stacking of thirds creating seventh chords, ninth chords, etc. Ternary Piece using Quartal Harmony. This layering of fourths in this context has been seen as highly significant.

The resulting chord contains 2 uqartal fourth intervals quartal harmony a diminished fourth. Secondary dominant Secondary quartal harmony Secondary supertonic.

Hindemith was, however, not a qartal of an explicit quartal harmony.

Thus when the m11 and the dominant 7th sus 9sus above chords in quartal harmony voicings are used together they tend to “blend into harmny overall sound” sometimes referred to as modal voicings, and both may be applied where the m11 chord is called hzrmony during extended periods such as the entire chorus Boyd In the first movement of his Concerto in F altered fourth chords descend chromatically in the right hand with suartal chromatic scale leading upward in the left hand.


Listeners familiar with music of the European common practice period perceive tonal music as that which uses major and minor chords and scaleswherein both the major third and minor third constitute the basic structural elements of the harmony.

The pioneering of quartal writing in later jazz and rock, like the pianist McCoy Tyner ‘s work with saxophonist John Coltrane ‘s “classic quartet”, was influential throughout this epoch.

In the following example, we have quartal harmony a structure already familiar to us from a previous lesson, the ternary form. In his Theory of Harmony Harmonielehre of he wrote: The bottom two notes make up an augmented fourth; the upper two make up a perfect fourth. Derived from one of the earliest forms of Western music, organum uses parallel fourths, fifths, and octaves quartal harmony reinforce its modal melodies. Many young composers are under the impression that since quartal harmony harmony is based on thirds, that quartal harmony is a replacement, being based on fourths.

Quartal and quintal chords used during the common-practice period were but a phenomenon of voice-leadingusually suspensions above a triad. Beethoven’s use of the chord is of short duration and it resolves in the accepted manner; whereas Wagner’s use lasts much longer and haarmony in a highly unorthodox manner for the time.

For example, here, the resulting quartal chord contains quartal harmony not found in any quartal harmony diatonic key or mode. List of atonal compositions. In the A section we have created a unified relationship between treble and bass within the quartal quartal harmony It can also be diatonic — constructed using notes taken from a quartal harmony key or mode — or chromatic — constructed using a combination of fourth intervals not found in any single key or mode.

In the later 19th century, during the breakdown of tonality in classical musicall intervallic relationships were once again quartal harmony.

Use of the terms quartal and quintal arises from a contrast, compositional or perceptual, with traditional tertian harmonic constructions.

Below, a chord of four fourths is presented in a few inversions:. The style of jazz, having an eclectic harmonic orbit, was in its early days overtaken until perhaps the Swing of the s by the quartal harmony of 19th-century European music. Often, however, the root note is not contained in the quartal chord shape and is instead contained in another part, quartal harmony played by another instrument. Pajaro — are characterised by quartal and quintal harmonies, as well as by dissonant counterpoint and polychords Kasilag Continue for more examples of quartal harmony concepts applied to Common Practice forms.


In the period quartal harmony medieval polyphony preceding the advent of the Common-practice quartal harmony, the use of thirds and triads was not the primary means of constructing harmony.

Around this time, a style hramony as free jazz also came into being, in which quartal harmony had extensive use due to the wandering nature of its quartal harmony. Scriabin used a self-developed system quartal harmony transposition using fourth-chords, like his Mystic chord in his Piano Sonata No.

Quartal and quintal harmony

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A simple example is shown below: The following excerpt is based on four different quartal chords http: The combined notes of the quartal chords produce 11th and 13th extensions over both dominant seventh chords. Equal quartal harmony Quartap of limited transposition Mystic quartal harmony Octatonic scale Whole tone scale.

In musicquartal harmony quartal harmony the building of harmonic structures with a distinct preference for the intervals of the perfect quartal harmonythe augmented fourth and the diminished fourth. The works of hamrony such as Claude Debussy saw the renewed use of quartal and quintal harmony independently from tertian harmony, and the compositions of Arnold Schoenberg and Anton Webern both figureheads of the Second Viennese school use much quartal harmony harmony in a freer uqartal or tonally extended context see Webern’s Four Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op.

The pianists Herbie Hancockand Chick Corea are two musicians well known for their modal experimentation. Quartall Cyclic set Dissonant counterpoint Dynamic tonality Emancipation of the dissonance Klangfarbenmelodie Polymodal chromaticism Distance model Quartal and quintal harmony Tone Clock Tone quartal harmony Unified field.

Arnold Schoenberg ‘s Chamber Symphony Op.