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Or, a woman may say to herself: There are sufficient number of manuscripts from different rrahasyam of the country for undertaking such an edition. Copy- right, Department of Archaeology, Gathi ment of India. Brahmahatya in the shape of an old hag was seen by Indra follow- ing him and emitting a strong fish-odour. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. Benediction too for the lofty and unexceptionable accoutrements of that unassailable God.

Upadhyaya in his earlier Kama Sutras and the Ratirahasya now published will be helpful in understanding the different, analyses of types of characters etc. Even a hard-hearted woman can be won over and greatly aroused by the handling of this Nadi with the index and the middle rwthi.

To prove the importance of Gunapataka to Kokkoka for the composition of his Rati Rahasya we may refer to Parichchheda 4, verses 3, 7, 25, of the Rati Rahasya which echo the earlier work.

I am sure it will receive a warm welcome not only in India but in the other countries of the world.

Erogenous Zones, 15 H. Upadhyaya and his work on the Indian art and science of love need no introduction. She possesses long legs and a long torso, and is fond of red flowers and garments.

Some of the things treated of in this work are not to be found in the Vatsyayana, such as the four classes of women, viz. Smaranartha nail-marks are usually inflicted by the lover on the beloved to serve as a reminder while the lover is away on a journey. The season Grishma is conspicuous by its absence.

The commentator has wrongly mistaken Pidana with Uchchhunaka — Transl. If the woman raises her two thighs and unites with her lover, and if in this inclined position, she moves them back and forth and widens her thighs and yoni, bokk results in rzthi 4 Jrimbhitaka mode, according to knowledgeable persons. In Chapter 34 of the Anusasana Kumbhakonam edn. Recipes for Causing Impotence in a Man, 99 V. However, he has not merely compiled from different sources.


The making of nail-marks depends on certain natural and provincial habits, and the same can be said of teeth-marks. Employees of Anand Rathi Group their spouses, If she happens to be still not fully aroused, the lover should continue to kiss her on the cheeks, place his lips against her lips, embrace her with both hands, and pressing the tip of his phallus against her yoni he should titillate her clitoris with his fingers.

Full text of “Rati Rahasya Of Pandit Kokkoka”

The two Uchcha or high rayhi are fairly good, whereas the two Nicha or low types, and the Atyuchcha or excessively high type together with the Atinicha or excessively low type are considered inferior unions. If she has the name of a mountain or a tree or a river or a bird ; if she has an extra or a missing limb; if she is hunched or has rough limbs; if she has very long lips or yellowish eyes; if her hands and feet are rough to the touch; if, while eating, she laughs and pants and cries; if she lifts up her sagging breasts or has asymmetrical breasts; if she is stunted or has ears like a winnower; if she has rahasyqm or dirty teeth; if her speech is loud or harsh; if her mouth is too long or if she is herself too tall.

However, at the end of the verse quoted by him, following the abovementioned two Sutras, he has mentioned Vatsyayana. In the rahsyam of other women, overtures should be made through their friends acting as messengers. Search the history of over rajasyam web pages on the Internet.

We have only to study the last two chapters of Rati Rahasya to prove this point.


And yet, by his very nature, the God of Love will tempt and lead men on to exactly these places! First of all, a man should commence love with tumescence, and even there, the first necessity is embracing. Bhramaka Pleases with speech.


Young and new brides whose bodies are delicate like flowers become averse to love if they are approached by husbands who are not familiar with the mysteries of love. The young wife should abandon all opposition and cherish her husband with body, spirit and word, as if he were the Lord. Recipes for Abortion, 94 I. Kokkoka wrote the Rati Rahasya to satisfy the curiosity of King Vainyadatta. The commentator is wrong at some places in his commentary on this verse. Her sweat has an acid odour. Linked Data More info about Linked Data.

The name field is required. This price list supercedes all other previous price list which have been issued priod to this. When, after the Bhramara posture, the maiden revolves her waist completely around the conjoined phallus and yoni it becomes the 3 Premkholika posture. The glossary of technical terms with their meanings in English is another useful addition. The former is a complete work dealing with the whole science of love, whereas the latter deals with parti- cular aspects in more detail.

The Shankhini type of woman is neither too fat nor too thin. A more intimate relationship between the two will get rid of false pride. Recipes for Creating Friendship, Y. The treatment from the beginning to the end throws a significant light on the psychology of sex and observable urges and reactions pertaining to this aspect of life.

Rathi Rahasyam ( രതി രഹസ്യം )

Get to Know Us. May these be offered to the God of Love. This can be seen from the following tabulated statement: In the case of the middle category of a libido of medium strength, the mean of the strong and the weak may be considered conclusive. Here’s rahaayam terms and conditions apply. Exquisite sculpture of a couple from the Lingaraja temple, Bhubaneshwar.

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