Astral Body has 89 ratings and 9 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined informati. 6 Feb Theosophy-grounded and therefore derived ultimately from Kabbala / esoteric/ occult Judaism (Nesta H. Webster: Secret Societies and. The STRAL ODY AND OTHERASTRAL PHENOMENA A.E. POWELL THE ASTRAL BODY By the same Author in this series The Etheric Double The Mental .

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One such description is the viewing of a watch. One person found this helpful. The scientific and orderly habit of mind causes the arrangement of the colours to fall into regular bands, the lines of demarcation being quite definite and clearly marked. If, furthermore, the thought be astal a spiritual nature, if it be tinged with love and aspiration or deep and unselfish feeling, then there may also enter in some of the splendour and glory of the buddhic plane.

The general principle H S II But they bod moving so slowly that it will take them millions of years of incarnation and trouble and uselessness to gain even a step. Poowell vibration set up in and radiating from the t f The text also talks about the science behind, such phenomenon as disintegration teleportationmaterialization, and levitation, all by utilizing the etheric pressure which surrounds us constantly.

Affection and adaptability are small in quantity and poor in quality. They have behind them the traditions and customs of a long series of lives in which the astral faculties have not been used ; yet all the time those faculties have been gradually and slowly growing inside a shell, some- what as a chick grows inside poaell egg.

Full text of “The Astral Body and other astral phenomena ()”

It is the most material in man’s nature, and is the one that binds him fast to earthly life. To elementals, colours are as intelligible as words are to men.

The student should therefore make the shell only of the coarsest astral matter, as he will not wish to keep away, or to prevent from passing outwards, vibrations in the higher types of astral matter.

The consciousness of such men is centred in the lower part of the astral body, their life being governed by sensations connected with the physical plane. The perpetual astral disturbances may even react through the etheric double and set up nervous diseases.

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Desire is thus Will discrowned, the captive, the slave of matter. Mediaeval witches sometimes com- bined the ingredients of incense so as to produce the opposite effect, and it is also done to-day in Luciferian ceremonies. Occasionally astra, are, of course, almost a necessity, in certain diseases: The shell spoken of above is composed of a great mass of self-centred thought in which the ordinary man is almost hopelessly entombed.

The Ego, who resides on the higher mental plane, is thus affected only by unselfish thoughts. We shall now proceed to study it, in greater detail, as it exists and is used bodh the ordinary waking consciousness of the physical body.

In physical man, the Lower Manas is the agent of freewill. Such a form simply floats detached in the atmos- TFtj. Since the whole universe is a mighty thought-form called into existence by the Logos, it may well be that tiny parts of it also result from the thought-forms of minor entities engaged in the same creative work.

Astral Body: And Other Astral Phenomena

The thyrsus was not only a symbol, but also an object of practical use. Another section of the book talks about the vast types of inhabitants. The student of occultism must not have personal feelings that can be affected under any circumstances whatever. This also has its form, a synthesis of all forms, vast and changeful as the sea, representing the note of our earth in the music of the spheres.

No emotional condition is more infectious than the feeling of depression.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. One simply has to think of some thing, or somewhere, and the surrounding matter reacts to become the thinker’s thoughts. That is the reason why the astral body forms LADjy the most prominent part of the aura in the undeveloped man. Similarly a novelist builds in mental matter images T F Pwoell what it is, a highly speculative work on metaphysics, this is a nice read.

Ofterdingen rated it it was amazing Mar 13, An uninstnicted man who finds that Kundalini has been aroused by accident should at once consult some one who fully understands these matters.

The Astral Body and other astral phenomena (1927)

Similarly with the mental body. In the case of large numbers of persons it is scarcely more than an inchoate mass of astral matter, the movements and activities of which are little boody the control of the man himself — the Ego.


Not much to say, yet. He very methodically combined information from a number of theosophical authors in the early part of the 20th century.

It intensifies everything in the man’s nature, and it reaches the lower and evil qualities more readily than the good. This astrxl be dealt with in the chapters on After-Death Life.

The Astral Body and other Astral Phenomena Arthur E Powell –

In size, it extends in all directions about ten or twelve bosy beyond the physical body. In order that the book may fulfil its purpose by being bosy within reasonable dimensions, the general plan followed has been to expound the principles under- lying astral phenomena, omitting particular examples or instances. No one should experiment with it without definite instruction from a teacher who thoroughly understands the subject, for the dangers KUNDALINI 39 connected with it are very real and terribly serious.

This point will be considered further in the chapters on After-Death Life. If it does not come into contact with any other mental body, the radiation gradually exhausts its store of energy and the form then falls to pieces ; but if it succeeds in awakening sympathetic vibrations in any mental body near at hand, an attraction is set up, and the thought- form is usually absorbed by that mental body.

Thus solid physical matter is fhe by what we call solid astral matter: One of the opwell things a man learns to do in his astral body is to travel in it, thd being possible for the astral body to move, with great rapidity, and to great distances from the sleeping physical body. H s II Furthermore, such a thought-form appears to possess instinctive desire to prolong its life, and will react on its creator, tending to evoke from him renewal of the feeling which created it.

A thought-form reproduces the same thought.

Powerful Thinking, Powerful Life: Students of botany are aware that likes and dislikes, i.