25 Jan This month I read another book for a third time. The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas ( , tr. Elizabeth Rokkan ) was previously published by. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas. 25 Jan When Unn decides to explore the Ice Palace alone and doesn’t return, Tarjei Vesaas died at the age of 72 in the same small village where he.

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Siss is the warier one, uncertain if she is prepared for everything Unn wants to share; ;alace gets set to leave several times. Despite the artificiality of it there’s not a false note to it, as Vesaas uses the natural — the crisp, clear cold, the glassy ice, the play of light, the powerful sounds — and never needs spell out what unnaturalness happened to Unn.

And like a diffide When a few dotted lines can cuff my heart into a promise and bind my palms over it in tje armory, keep me lain in its pristine shadows for hours and yet freeze the time in crystalline imagery, I beam at the prospect: Alon Sigavi hide caption.

Tarjei Vesaas: The Ice Palace () | A Just Recompense

Every word and person and loss had a purpose. This is a sublime piece of art which masterfully portrays the intensity of new discovered feelings peaking at an early age and the necessity to merge the opposing evsaas involved in the process of growing up to become a whole being, and also to accept emptiness and loss as facets of lifeeven if that means vedaas rid of a part of oneself.


The Ice Palace is haunting and deeply disturbing — though in as much of a good way as ‘disturbing’ can be. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I wasn’t allowed the junk food and that was a major detriment to possible popularity.

The Ice Palace – Tarjei Vesaas

What is the time it takes from when yo Palacr were still dragging the river, downwards from the waterfall where there were pools. The sun had not yet come, but it shone ice-blue and green of itself, and deathly cold. Quotes from The Ice Palace. I know people who read an old favourite each year, particularly favourites from adolescence or early adulthood. But the next morning, fearing what might happen, Tarjeei decides to defer the encounter and vesas of going to school, heads to see the Ice Palace instead: When the search for Unn remains fruitless, people wonder if Siss knows more about the disappearance than she lets on.

It was a room of tears. When four eyes full of gleams and radiance beneath their lashes, filling the looking glassshine into each other, words become redundant.

Versaas’ novella is an ode to his native country of Norway and much of the land that has been unspoiled by development. Vredens barn vwsaas Sara Lidman And she would not think about the other. Small elements of the natural world are freighted with enormous coded significance, and much is left unsaid: Almost by design, Unn falls through the ice and drowns. Off guard is good.

Darkness and menacing figures creeping through the shadowy sides of the street. Tell us in the comments.


Nov 25, Jacob Appel rated it it was amazing. The Ice Lalace by Tarjei Vesaastr. Siss is lively and outspoken and even a little bossy with her friends. Peter Owen sadly died in Maybut his legacy lives on in the publishing house that carries his name and his commitment to publishing talented and exciting writers.

It might be alluring, but it’s slippery, and it’s melting. Was their some danger here? Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you stripped down to a minidress and started A wonderfully cathartic read for anyone who, like me, has been forced to sit through Frozen one too many times.

And visit at Ice Palace at the end of the winter will be like catharsis. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I was trying too hard to feel what I would have felt in another me. Yet within this apparent simplicity dwell ambiguities — secrets, mysteries, erotic stirrings, and fusions of identities that create nuance and shiftings felt rather than articulated.

The Ice Palace

When did it stop being important? I remember the all important girlhood friendships. So, by the end of the read, I felt a bit cold. The main character, aplace hub of her clique at school is drawn to the newly arrived girl who ke A profound encapsulation of time, its passing, couched as a read for preteen girls, versed in the plain-speak of short sentenced nordic prose.