A user’s guide to the VME, VME64 and VME64x bus specifications. View Abstract . Product Details. Detail Summary. View all details. Active, Most Current. EN. In 6U and 9U systems there can be transition modules installed on the rear side of the backplane. Transition modules do not connect to VMEbus but just to the. The VMEbus Handbook: A User’s Guide to the VME64 and VME64x Bus Specifications. Front Cover. Wade D. Peterson. VMEbus International Trade Association.

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However, VMEbus modules can be designed, built and sold without license. It was released in Read-modify-write Cycle An indivisible bus cycle that is used to pass semaphore information in multiprocessing systems. Data is passed between modules using interlocked handshaking signals.

It is a proprietary architecture, and the inventors claim to have patent protection on the backplane technology within the United States of America. On standard backplanes, boards are located on 0.

What is SCSA relating to telephony applications? Since no proprietary rights are assigned to it, vendors and users need not worry that their products will become obsolete at the whim of any single manufacturer.

Some of the most popular include:. The ‘U’ is a unit of measure for the front panel, where each ‘U’ is equal to 1. It was a sellers market where direct competition was squashed because there were few open technical standards. However, two types of mezzanine modules seem to be gaining a substantial foothold.


All of the other features in the standard are considered optional. Slave Can detect and participate in DTB cycles.

VMEbus is quite fast, especially in it’s most recent manifestations. While buyers could choose equipment and software from among a small group of manufacturers, there really wasn’t much competition. However, the standard insists that a minimum set of features be present on boards and backplanes before they are considered to be VME64x compliant. Actually, the origin of the term ‘VME’ has never been formally defined. The new market also had low barriers to entry which meant that third parties could enter the marketplace more easily.

They made lower margins, but made up for that with higher volumes. These are emerging standards, and will not be covered in great detail in this FAQ. Arbiter Monitors and grants ownership of the DTB. What are the general VMEbus features? The number of cards is limited by how many boards, located on hsndbook. They found that desktop computers worked great in those applications, but had two major drawbacks There were many sound business reasons for this at the handboook, but eventually it succeeded.

These functional modules are a conceptual tool. For example, it is not needed to support the new sixty-four bit address and data cycles. The microcomputer bus industry began with the advent of the microprocessor, and in many buses were showing their age.

Data Path Width 8, 16, 24, 32 or bit Data nandbook width selected dynamically. There were several reasons why VMEbus was created in the first place. A bus cycle that moves data in a ‘block’ or ‘burst’ fashion. Another popular VMEbus card style is the conduction cooled module.


VMEbus was done a little differently.


No proprietary rights were assigned to the new bus, which helped stimulate third party product development.

Arbitration methods include priority, round-robin and other scheduling algorithms. Strictly speaking, these modules are not supported by the VME64 specification. However, in some cases handbpok also describe actual hardware. Unaligned Data Transfers Handobok Compatible with most popular microprocessors.

The bus-to-bus bridges essentially allow bus cycles on one backplane to appear on another. These were powered by small, low cost microprocessors that dramatically cut the size and price of the computer. Table 2 shows just a few examples. Users that have the space can go with the larger and more popular 6U card.

The VMEbus handbook – CERN Document Server

That’s quite a claim, but it is supported by the fact that there are over known, commercial operating systems running on VMEbus. Most Eurocard packaging systems will support multiple card sizes in hanxbook single chassis. How fast is VMEbus? For example, a coaxial cable or vmenus connector could be used. For example, a 16 or bit CPU board designed under the older specification can be correctly identified as VME64 compatible.

Who makes VMEbus equipment? Software development is also faster and less expensive.